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Your Greatest Potential

Is Ready For The Spotlight

with the Hue and Style® program and Michele's mentorship,

so is your confidence to show up.


"You just do not know how much power you have given me."

The Power of Hue and Style® Transformational Mentorship

While experiencing a devastating family grief while in mentorship, Pep found new meaning, purpose and momentum for what she is "here to do." 

~Pep E., Wealth Advisor, Maryland, USA


"People want to work with you because of the presence you're creating."

The Power of Hue and Style® Empowered Dressing

"Things have become really easy to look appropriate for anything. It feels really good." 

~Stephanie D., Lawyer & Mediator, Alberta, Canada


"Before, I felt like I was hiding in plain sight. Now, I feel like I matter. I feel alive."

The Power of Hue and Style® Evolved Dressing

"It's more than just the clothes. It feels amazing." 

~Ebony C., Financial Advisor, California, USA


"The world needs to know about Michele!"

"I keep telling people about you whenever I get a chance. I feel so proud to be able to tell people that you are out there and can make a significant impact with their image and confidence! Thanks again for your magnificence!

This process has been phenomenal to say the least! I can’t believe how my thinking has changed in just a few short weeks. I have never encountered anyone who does what you do. So grateful to learn how to express my values through wardrobe and to understand that those values are then communicated through wardrobe to the public, letting them know who I am!

People are so busy starting businesses that they overlook TRUE image vs. the cookie cutter image that we have been conditioned to follow. You are truly transforming people’s lives, Michele! " ~Romola B., Entrepreneur: Tranquil Interiors Consultant, California, USA

"This is confidence-building."

"When I first contacted Michele I expected direct image advice - a “makeover.”

What I got instead was an empowering decision framework and personal growth insights that I can apply MYSELF in a flexible way.  THIS is confidence-building."

~ Cindy S. Executive Director - International Professional Engineer's Organization, British Columbia, Canada

"It is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire life... is worth EVERY SINGLE CENT!"  

"Before Michele, Everything I owned was Black.  Everybody knew me for Black. Michele changed all of that." ~Harpreet C., Entrepreneur: Real Estate Professional, Lloydminster, Alberta, Canada


"I did the work but you lit me up!"

"Michele is a like a life coach who starts with your image."

"After working Michele's programs, I have a better relationship with myself so I have a better relationship with my husband, my kids, my clients. I just loved this journey back to myself. I'm pretty fricken spectacular! I had buried my awesomeness and it's so refreshing to see and feel it again.

If you think it's about what top to's just so much more! It's changed my life!

You can't even imagine the transformation. When you portray confidence AMAZING things happen. 

Seriously, Michele - thank you is never going to be enough."  

~Delaina P., Entrepreneur: Youth Confidence Coach, Alberta, Canada

"I had done other 'style programs'. They didn't even compare to Hue And Style."

Olivia is a leader.  She helps other build businesses and she helps people build stronger intimate relationships.  When Olivia came into Hue and Style®, she literally wanted to feel like herself getting dressed every day.  She had done other “style programs” but they somehow didn’t fit the way she wanted to express herself. "They were too generic. They didn't even compare to Hue and Style."

Olivia dove head first into the experience - soaking up every one of my practical, personal, permanent tools and teachings.  What happened was remarkable.

She found new and deep purpose for her business and her mission, she lost more than 18lbs, she finished new certifications and she got noticed by her head office as a bring rising star.  They invited her to appear on a training video season that reaches their sales force nation-wide in the US. WOW!

About her Hue and Style® transformation, Olivia said, “I am glad you came into my life durning my journey of self-discovery. You showed me that I have to show up for me before I can for others." ~Olivia B., Entrepreneur: Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I'm doing all the things I haven't been confident to do."

~Yvette M., Professional: Software Project Manager, Tampa, FL, USA

Hue and Style® confidence

changes lives, creates communities & leaves legacies.

"When I came into Hue and Style a few years ago, I looked like a 'glorified gym teacher' with my too casual sweats, t-shirts, mish-mash items and I had no tools or process to change but I knew I had to live my purpose."
Samora had a big dream and needed an image to match. She dreamed to be the leader of a non-profit organization that would help young single mothers like she was.  
The day she said yes to the invitation to Hue and Style mentorship, was the day she enrolled herself in her dream.
From that day, she used her image-confidence superpower along with her purpose to create exactly what she had dreamed.
This video showcases her Alex House Project non-profit. The dream that was once in her heart is now reality.
She gave my Hue And Style mentorship the glory for helping her find her confidence to stand up and stand out for her dream.
"I was a hot-mess before I met you, Michele. Now I stand out for myself and all my Alex House Project families. There is a light inside of me. I live my PURPOSE. I can do this forever. Thank you!"

~ Samora C., Professional: Founder & Executive Director of the Alex House Project, New York City, USA

"This program is so amazing and uplifting!

When I finished the color psycology lessons, to say my mind is blown ­čĄ»is an understatement! I had literally no idea how much I was unknowingly communicating when I grabbed clothes and threw them on in the morning! 

My husband asked me this morning if this program was valuable. I told him ABSOLUTELY WORTH EVERY PENNY! 

Thank you, Michele. You are awesome, this program is fantastic and your mentorship has brought out some amazing confidence. I can't wait to continue in your next steps program to help it all stick."

 ~Courtney M., Entrepreneur: Direct Sales Team Leader & Trainer, Alberta, Canada

The Breakthrough Hue And Style Really Makes

Explained by Courtney in exactly ONE MINUTE. Listen now!


"I'm empowered and awakened!"

"I haven’t taken care of myself for 20 years. I realized I was doing so many things for some one else. Every decision I made was for everyone else. I didn’t know who I was anymore.  In less than 6 weeks, I was AWAKENED.

I am honouring myself and people see it. Everyone has been commenting, ‘You look better. You look calm. You look like yourself.’

And I am. I really am. My goals are all moving forward just from this transformation.  I can’t believe the momentum.

Thank you is not enough but thank you, Michele! " ~Celita D., Education Administrator, Washington, DC, USA

More visibility. More clients. More business. More time freedom. More success.

  Read Kandi R.'s experience, Entrepreneur: Advanced Footcare Nurse, Alberta, Canada

"The value of life-long confidence that you give us, Michele, is far beyond what we invest. What you give us is priceless!"

"I've learned to see my value and celebrate it as a wife, mother and leader. That is a priceless revelation. You are a God-send." ~ Marlene H., Leader: Ministry Leader & Pastor's Wife, Florida, USA

"It's honestly life-changing."

"I had no idea how much Michele would help me.

I only thought it was about clothes and business marketing. It's that and so much more. She's opened me up and it's honestly life changing. I'm still so shocked with the new me!"

~ Liza C. Award-winning Physiotherapy Clinic Owner, Manitoba, Canada

"I've gone from passed-over to profession-boosting presence and the most important people in my career are noticing!"

"After relocating to a competitive work city a little over a year ago, I realized it was a very different marketplace than the smaller townsI have worked in. As a professional woman looking to continue advancing my career, I realized I needed to create an elevated presence.

I am thrilled with the results - personally and with my new promotions - and want all of you to know it works! Michele's proven principles have eased my stress for getting ready in the morning, shopping, and overall confidence in myself. I have come so far since my first lessons! Learning what my Hue and Style power colors are led to me broadening my wardrobe with purpose!"  ~Rowena E., Professional: Banking Industry, Alberta, Canada

"Michele, you are a Genius. I'm truly grateful."

"I love to gush on you, Michele. You are a genius!  

Until I met you, I struggled with my version of "shabby chic" - and not the decor style.  I often felt inauthentic in leadership roles because I never felt I dressed the part.  My uniform was navy, grey and black (so much black).

Thank God for you and the Light!  Hue And Style Color Analysis! The Light is not just the clothes! It's what you have ignited inside me - I'm truly grateful. Truly."  ~Andrala W., Entrepreneur: Career Coach, Washington DC, USA

"Michele's program has been the most enlightening experience of my life."

~Michelle P., Professional: Engineer & Sorority Leader, Dallas, Texas, USA


"I'm forever changed because of your mentorship."

"This was truly a wonderful journey and experience. I am in tears right now because I am so grateful to you, Michele. The amount of knowledge you share and the welcoming of the Sisterhood is incredible. I am so happy I got to do this for my self. I wish every woman could be in your program. All I can say is 'WOW'. Thanks again!" ~ Traci B., Entrepreneur: Independent Beauty Consultant, Washington State, USA

The confidence to stand up and stand out, year after year...

Imagine what you could create. Here's what Latasha H, shared one year after her work in Hue And Style mentorship.

"You are one amazing woman, Michele! You truly have a gift." 

"You have refuelled me!

I finally feel like I'm the right path and moving forward.

Many people wear black because they think it's slimming I wore it because  I wanted to hide and was okay with fading in the background. YOU have given me a purpose for shopping again. I have a strategy for what to look for and why I'm looking for it. It feels so good.

You are one amazing woman! You truly have a gift. 

You are not like other mentors and that is because you are so personable, so caring and make people feel comfortable with you. That is a true gift.  

Michele, you have touched so many women and the rippling effect that is happening in this world because of you… I can not thank you enough!"

~ Nicole G, Retail Entrepreneur & Intentional Mother, Alberta, Canada

"The confidence helped make me more approachable. I feel seen in a lovely way."

~Leisha G., Entrepreneur: Professional Home Organizer, Orlando, FL, USA

"I love myself more than I ever have."

~Erica G., Professional: Accounting Firm Partner, Alberta, Canada

"It isn't just that I feel well dressed for my role...

It's the inner confidence..."

~Dawn F., Alberta, Canada

"...a life-changing course!"

 ~Tara H., Entrepreneur: Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach, Alberta, Canada

"Michele, you are a gifted teacher!"

You have no idea what you mean to me as a mentor. I love the process of growing in confidence and trust you with my whole being." ~Katherine D., Entrepreneur: Insurance Broker, Alberta, Canada

"This Hue And Style journey, was exactly the experience I needed."

"I'm getting dressed with intention every day. I love buying clothes. I find that the time I'm spending on self-development is paying off. It's not "time spent" as much as an investment that I can see helps me help others. 

Now having come through this Hue And Style journey, it was exactly the experience I needed to begin to lead my organization in it’s own stage of its evolution." ~ Cindy S., Professional: Executive Director - International Professional Organization, British Columbia, Canada

"It feels like 'home' to be who I am."

"I used my “power colors” at a professional networking/career fair and have four solid contacts that want me to do workshops next month! The best part is one of them wanted to know why I chose to wear that hue. I told them all about Michele and her wonderfulness as my expert Image Consultant.

Being part of your community has broadened my perspective in so many ways. I am navigating what it means to be a Muslim business woman in spaces occupied by people with opposite values and still extracting the benefits. It used to feel like a conflict of interest now it feels like home to be who I am. " ~ Cordelia G., Entrepreneur: Health & Nutrition Coach, West Virginia, USA.

"Keep filling my head with your magic!"

"After our sessions, I am literally waving my hands in the air saying "PREACH IT MICHELE!" Figuring out who I really am (and accepting it), verses the image of who I feel the world expects when they see me is my biggest win!  Whew! What a journey - just 6 short weeks to it all. It feels so good when the little pieces start to click, I can't thank you enough!" ~Amie H., Entrepreneur: Professional Services - Booking, Alberta, Canada


Client Breakthroughs

The Interviews.

In their own words, just some of the women just like you who have captured a new confidence to be more, do more, live more and love more (all by learning to see themselves differently through the mirror).


"I’m finally on the right path for projecting my best self - my genuine, natural self - to the world."

"I always look forward to our sessions because I love your input & feedback. You’re an honest, true person who bares it all during sessions and you ask me to do the same. Our last session was for me a real boost of confidence with your help." ~ Amanda W., Entrepreneur: Real Estate Professional, Alberta, Canada

"Perhaps you will never know the impact you made in my life."

"Truly, working with you, has been the most beautiful and empowering journey I’ve ever been through.

Your process, Michele, was for me about wanting to follow my heart and having a will greater than any excuses. It was about wanting to dig deep and being willing to be vulnerable to find my true self."

"The courage I was able to pull to make bold decisions and continue to push through each day. I am at a place where I am making decisions to go to the next level. Sometimes pushing through my own limiting believes. For that I love you and I am profoundly grateful that I found you!"  ~Dayanna V., Entrepreneur: Women's Empowerment Coach & Speaker, Miami, Florida, USA



It's far beyond fashion. It's meeting yourself again. It's personal style clarity and wardrobe confidence that will simply, powerfully and authentically CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOUR PURPOSE, YOUR WORK, YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR LIFE.

If you are ready to make your mark, feel amazing in your own skin and attract success to you like a magnet.


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