What Is More Important Than Simple Fashion Sense

color fashion style Apr 24, 2019


Formality, not fashion sense, is the secret to always looking appropriate in any situation with your image.  

Recently working with clients locally and far-flung, I showed them how garments with different formalities can send completely different messages about your presence. (Just 2 out of 4 here I used to teach this concept). I impressed on them why it is SO important to know your audience and to know what position you play in their minds and then how to portray it with the right garments, colors, and accessories. They saw how Hue And Style strategy has nothing to do with shopping for what’s trendy this season.  Fashion is a tool to be used for image presence built on formality.

A couple of my clients are leaders in their church communities which means they need to look approachable yet powerful to their congregations.

Together with their personal color palettes and wardrobe strategy they could see how the people around them would see them differently instantly allowing them to make a wider and deeper impact with what they do.  

Man, I love what I do. My women are leaders ready to be seen because when they are, they energize others to be their best too.

Take a look at your closet. Do you have this kind of versatility, expression, and strategic message? Come comment over on Instagram. I'd love to know.