On "Being Intimidating"

2020reflection professional image quotes Dec 11, 2020

☝🏾I got a question on my Instagram Stories yesterday and it’s always one of the biggest worries for women. It was about how not to come across as intimidating with personal image in male-dominated arenas. ⁣

I have an answer for all arenas.⁣

If you have a rock-solid level of self-assurance and show up like it, you will ALWAYS be intimidating to somebody.⁣

I want you to know that this “intimidating” judgment they make about you is about THEM (not about you.) ⁣

You don’t need to dim. Your only responsibility is to stand in your presence and connected to your message, expertise, and meaningful outcome. With 3 combined and communicated every day with your image, you’ll be on purpose and make your difference. Shine on! #showupconfident


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