Book Release: Show Up Confident

I've already won! While my book officially launches to the world today, this past weekend is when it actually "launched" in a way that made me feel like a winner - quietly, privately, and with deep, fulfilling meaning. ⁣

On Saturday morning, I celebrated with the most loyal group of women who champion my message at an inner circle book launch party that couldn't have been better if it was in person. Women from 2 countries, 8 states/provinces and 13 cities and towns. We danced, laughed, cheered and cried. It was magical. ⁣
Then I gifted my book to the two people closest to the reason I wrote it: my mom and my daughter. They both got personal inscriptions, and we shared meaningful moments - with long hugs and a few tears.⁣
Regardless of what the outside world, social media, or internet metrics think of my book, I've won already. I have a heart full of satisfaction for a purpose fulfilled and a legacy written. ⁣
That being said, the women and men from my early-readers groups tell me the book is "brilliant," "inspiring," "captivating," "life-changing," and "universal in its message." Now, I really know I've won. I can rest easy.⁣
My book is available now with the Kindle edition on sale for under a dollar - just for the next few days. And, of course, if you like that new book smell, you can get it in paperback too. Very soon, you'll be able to listen to me read it in audiobook format also. (I'll let you know.)⁣
From the bottom of my heart:⁣
Thank you to all of you who have been my cheerleaders, challengers and champions. As per Chapter 12, you will know precisely who you are. Know that I cherish you.⁣
Find everything you need to know at
With so much love,⁣
~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾 ✌🏾💙🙏🏾

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