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My Secret Weapon For Finding New Motivation [PODCAST]

Feeling upside down in life? Feeling like life is overwhelming? There’s a secret weapon I use to bust through those feeling and find new momentum. I’m sure it’s not what you expect but it is, oh so powerful.  Learn what it is and the 5 amazing shifts it can help you reveal amazing new personal power when you are shown to use it with intention.

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How To Celebrate An Epic Win [PODCAST]

How do you celebrate a win? If you only looking at what you completed, you're missing something so much for valuable. Listen as I share what I learned after celebrating that I wrote the first draft of my next book - all 24,618 words in 7 days of it.


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I Wrote 24,618 Words in 7 Days. ⁣⁣

I wrote 24,618 words in 7 days.

Holy, sh*t. I’ve written my second book.

On March 21, I started the outline with Mikko supervising. It’s now April 18 and I’ve written 24,618 words.

Holy, sh*t. I’m not writing a book, I’ve written my book.

28 days. B hugged me and said, “That was fast.” The Hubbs hugged me and said, “For real, congrats”. My eyes...

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