The Blissful Breakthrough That Happens When You Show Up With Purpose

2020reflection inspiration purpose quotes Dec 09, 2020
I'm not sure how to articulate what I feel. I'm writing this just after getting off my New Year-New Season Intention Setting session with my advanced mentorship clients. I taught a lesson on how to frame intentions in a whole new way - a way I've never seen or heard done before - and it landed with my people. Boy, did it land.
I watched these women's eyes light up with possibly, optimism, relief, and excitement about their "next season" right amid an outside world that feels so bleak and broken. My advanced mentorship women were speechless again as I wrapped this new exercise in intention setting based on how they will DO life from today forward.
Toss out any idea you had of resolutions. They don't work. They focus on a "goal" that you make or miss an "aim" you grow toward. The women on the call tonight took my lesson in "aims" and ratcheted its power up 100 notches by attaching any decision they will make to HOW they will live out their most powerful selves.
Ok, I can't say anymore. It's a "teach" reserved for the hearts of the Hue And Style Confidence Coalition, but I will say these women will change their families, communities, and themselves as we all enter a new season, and my heart is so full.
I realized something for myself too. Sometimes when you are so focused on doing what you do, you miss the small moments of confirmation that what you do is working and giving the outcome you intended.
This session was one more GIANT confirmation that what I've poured into women all these works - and works forever in the women who work the tools of confidence mindset in my mentorship. I came to see that sometimes:
It won't seem like it's working until, all of a sudden, you see that it worked! Wait for it!
This blissful breakthrough happens repeatedly, the more you grow, and for each season of life, the more you show up with a purpose for those you serve. If you're on track and watching for it, you'll see it and feel it.
For me, this season of mine is blissful because of all the power I witnessed tonight.
I hope one day you feel blissful as you capture the meaning of your life's work beyond your titles and roles, beyond what others expect of you, beyond what you think you need to be. I hope you experience the indescribable feeling of seeing that what you've shared by being who you are "worked"! Wait for it.


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