What I Really Do That You May Not Realize

aboutmichele hue and style philosophy Jun 18, 2019

Image consultant? Life coach? What does that all mean? I get asked this all the time.

In short, what I do isn't even a job anymore. It's a calling. It's my purpose in action:

I help women be noticed, be memorable and create a picture of total confidence for themselves and their public by teaching them to know every single detail about who they truly are, to rediscover their deep purpose and to present themselves for the lives they are creating.

That life may include a new or expanded business, a step up or change of career, or a preparation for a new or renewed love relationship. My women are in transition and preparing for their next great step.

What I do for women is not for the “fashion-hunters” it’s for the “happiness-chasers.”

It may look like what I do is "just about clothes," but I assure you, it's bigger, deeper, and life-changing.

Most women aren't aware that there is a hidden science of confidence in everything they wear. Lady, everything.

If you don't know this hidden power, you leave so much confidence-boosting, presence-building, and personal brand-creating potential to chance and untapped.

I teach my clients the art of self-expression, the science of self-presentation and the psychology of confidence to help them land the job, grow their businesses, advance their careers, find love, raise their kids and love themselves every minute they do any of it.

"Confidence is self-love in action." ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾 

How would you love to put on self-love starting when you get dressed every day?

That's really what I do. 

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