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Journey To 'Clear' Confidence

"Anytime I’ve had something hard come up, within what feels like a split second, I have a tool or an answer or something in me to figure it out, and that feels amazing! I’m not floundering around for days or weeks and wishy-washy trying to figure things out. And sometimes I’m an overthinker… but I feel like I have so many tools and learned so many things about myself in this that I can answer anything for myself and feel so confident in my choices and decisions immediately." 

 Amy is a professional brand photographer who was stuck in the fog of the pandemic, the pressures of being a full-time entrepreneur, and the overwhelm of parenting from an intentional space. When she came to me, she didn't think changing the way she saw herself in the mirror in the Hue and Style® way would be the way to more progress, ease, and happiness in every part of her life. But it was.

Since adding and living a Hue and Style® image, personal development and mindset growth lifestyle, she has:
found a new flow in her creative business
developed more visibility for her ideal clients
improved her outlook toward her marriage and parenting her "littles", and
increased her self-love adding habits that nurture her wellness (and actually sticking with them).
And transformed her personal style and presence to show for it all!

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Journey To 'Blossoming' Confidence

"I had an old image of myself, and those thoughts were limiting what I believed I deserved. I knew I had to do something different to make a change. It all started with your book, Show Up Confident, and then I took the leap into your mentorship. After working with the tools you teach us, getting dressed is the first creative act of my day - a little color, a lot of intention - and it sets up my clarity, confidence and joy to communicate myself and weave my magic with everything I do!"


Adria is an award-winning TV & film producer with a heart for leading the creation of change-making stories. 

In this inspiring and genuine chat, Adria shares: 

Her story of feeling paralyzed by career imposter syndrome despite having decades of excellence in the competitive Canadian film industry. 

How she knew she needed to increase her self-trust so she could project more authority to land projects worth millions. 

Why, as a creative project leader, she wanted to enhance the way she silently influenced others with her image. 

How she now uses the silent psychology of her Hue and Style¬ģ personal style profile & color palette to enhance communication and strengthen connections with her industry collaborators - whether they realize it or not!¬†

Why women need to cultivate the powerful connection of self-belief & self-presentation (not just fashion style) if they dream of finding long-term self-acceptance that leads to joy. 

This one is a heart-warming (maybe tear-jerking) chat about stepping into a new spotlight, showing up and making your mark. She will help you see what's possible for your next season of success!



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Journey to 'Rooted' Confidence

I can't count the number of times I've heard my clients say, "I wish I had had Hue and Style¬ģ skills in my 20's"

That's why I created the EmpowHer Program. Only the most self-aware and focused young ladies are invited.  This is one of them.  You will be so impressed with her wisdom to invest in yourself to show up so you can help, empower, lead, inspire and mentor those in your life's purpose.

Jess has advice for you on the blog!


Journey To 'Empowering' Confidence

"Hue and Style® was about becoming a powerful presence in your own life, and every woman who does this work gets to reap its abundance. It didn't just work for me. It has worked for many -- and it will continue to work because it works."

Stacè is a powerful force and champion for women to be seen and heard with ultimate authenticity. She came to me urgent and ready to create the kind of energetic alignment between her passion to serve women and every way the world experienced her essence. 
In this engaging and electric chat, Stacè shares:
Why it is critical for women (and women of color especially) to invest in connecting their contribution to the way they present their image with authenticity.

 How she uses her Hue and Style® personal palette of colors to "spin the wheel" of intention that brings boldness to her personal brand visibility. brand image definition and self-expression like a billboard that attracts her ideal clients, and

 Why women need to say "yes" to themselves first and invest in support to fill their self-doubt gaps if they have a dream of influencing their families and communities. 

What would you (could you) activate in your life if you had the power to see the truth of yourself every day from the very moment you got dressed? If you say, living beyond your dreams, you’re right and ready to hear from this woman!

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Journey To 'Adaptable' Confidence

"Before Hue and Style®, I used to listen to all the fashion advice talking heads about the latest and the greatest saying if you wear "this or that," you'll feel good.  But I learned with Michele that it doesn't matter how much you do that. If you don't fix the confidence on the inside first, the outside stuff's not going to work for you." 

Amanda is a growing real estate professional who knows what you can build in your life when you have a daily confidence-building habit that renews your courage and motivation. She came to me 7 years ago after switching careers and needed an image presence that would set her apart from others in the highly-competitive real estate field. She's used her learned confidence skills to adapt through changing times - not letting the rampant self-doubt of the pandemic days take hold. Not only has her business grown, so has her self-love, fulfillment, and joy!
In this candid and casual chat, Amanda shares:
 The priceless asset of investing in "seeing herself differently" (first in the mirror, then in life) that became a foundation for her current success. 
Why she can feel completely "competitionless" even in an industry with so much competition. 
How she uses her Hue and Style® personal brand image definition and self-expression like a billboard that attracts her ideal clients, and 
Why women need to stop dressing worried about "fashion" and start using this daily habit to change how they feel about themselves, their relevance and life direction. 
Find out the magic that happens over time when you choose yourself. She will help you see what's possible for your next season of success! 

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Journey To 'Clear' Confidence

"After a heavy season in my life, I felt ‚Äúgrey,‚ÄĚ and I dressed in it too.¬†I wasn‚Äôt showing up for myself and was oblivious to the importance of my self-presentation for people to relate and connect with me for my business."¬†

Maureen is an award-winning executive career coach,  who needed to move through life's transitions and prepare herself to create more success in her business, she found an unexpected way to make it happen - she learned to shake up how she thought about getting dressed!
Maureen has spent decades in fast-paced corporate environments of helping high-achieving executives get unstuck in their careers while helping them find satisfaction beyond work but when life presented it's twists and turns in her own life, she knew she needed to see herself anew (literally) so she could present herself with fresh confidence, to "put herself out there" and serve as an example to her clients of what authentic resilience looks like.

Maureen shared:
Why recognizing turning points in your life, work and confidence give you an opportunity to set yourself up for wild success.
How women who may feel intimidated with changing their style after change can find ease and even fun in learning how to present their excellence the right way.


What part of her new¬†Hue and Style¬ģ personal brand image skill¬†she used to draw new attention to her work.


What new practice she used to snap out of a moment of "It doesn't matter if I get dressed" mindset that almost cost her a meeting with influential leaders in her community.
Plus, she'll toss in some valuable career strategist nuggets about why asking for help and going "all in" to receive expert advice and mentorship vital to quantum leap  advancement and lifetime satisfaction.

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Journey To 'Success-Boosting' Confidence

"I feel absolutely successful. This entire Hue and Style journey has definitely changed my mindset.  I always wanted my own success and guess what I'm doing it. Everything that I've learned from you, how far I've come, to me that's being successful. I did it. I can do it! I am doing it!"

Harpreet is an award-winning professional real estate professional who, despite her career excellence and achievements, experienced a season of self-doubt. When she came to me, she wanted to snap out of a rut and get back to giving her clients her best and being the best example of a woman's confidence for her daughter.
That was years ago. 
Since adding and living a Hue and Style® image, personal development and mindset growth lifestyle, she has created:
wider-reaching business connections leading to new opportunities
more visibility and impact in her community
deeper connection with her personal relationships, and
a lasting, true love of herself.
This interview celebrates the one-year release anniversary of my Amazon Best-seller, Show Up Confident. Harpreet is a featured story in Chapter 6 of the book and has always been an enthusiastic and vocal "Champion" of my philosophy to "Dress In Confidence" that permanently crushes aimless shopping, style comparison and the crippling fashion-only myths replacing all of that with magnetic self-belief and captivating self-presentation that fuels success.



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Journey To 'Magnetic' Confidence

"The way I was dressing before Hue and Style® gave off the impression of a big question mark. I wasn't sure and so people weren't sure of me!"

"Everything starts from a seed of belief. Everything starts from a seed starts small. But if you give yourself the chance to learn something new trust the process, a mentor, listen to your heart, and move forward, there is a win and there are several wins in line for you. If you'll just accept that you need change.....And you know, come on over to Hue and Style®, you'll get it. HA!"
Takiyah H., Entrepreneur: Trucking Business Owner & Music-Ministry Leader, Texas, USA

Learn how Takiyah:
Learned to dress well despite the days that everyone else was wearing sweats and yoga pants renewed her motivation and results in her self-worth and business.
Gave herself permission to invest in a way to believe in who she sees in the mirror can radically change how you approach and control every interaction, relationship and opportunity presented to you, big or small.
Prepared for your day with a "styled" intention for helping others by dressing for it, transformed not only her closet but her way of living and loving her life - and how you can do it too.



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Journey to 'Dawning' Confidence

This was a blog interview with Catherine after she took her mentorship program with me to get dress to become her own boss, build a team and deliver excellence in her new business.  She found out that having the confidence to show up starts with how a woman truly sees herself.

Catherine has advice for you on the blog!


Journey To 'Liberating' Confidence

"People were starting to notice me. And I'm 'Oh my gosh! This really does work!'"

 "I can just be myself and convey the intentions I have in my heart. I never would have thought to wear what I want someone to feel about me. Now, I get up and dressed now every day and I love that." ~Yvette M., Entrepreneur & Technology Project Manager, Florida, USA

In her full-length interview, learn how Yvette used my Hue and Style® program unlock the confidence to:

Profit more in her business

Heal an unknown health issue

Grow her family connections

Plunge into planning for her future in a big way

Watch to the full length interview here.

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Journey to 'Abundant' Confidence

We dove into how she used her Hue and Style image confidence journey with me to first see herself differently, and then to crush the self-doubt villains that were crippling every part of her life. She uncovered how she rediscovered her gifts and passion as an educator and is building a growing business helping families learn the keys to confidence + connection.

Delaina shared: 

  • How she went from overwhelmed, stressed-out, “angry, yelling mom,” convinced she was doing everything wrong raising her kids to a confident, connected, purpose-driven woman on a mission to change the confidence of moms and kids everywhere.
  • Why the most impactful way to build your kids confidence skills is to lead by example, and embrace a confidence journey centered on shifting your own mindset, developing resiliency and learning to trust yourself.
  • How a chance meeting with Michele (and her Hue and Style process) became the catalyst to a breakthrough confidence journey that reignited her self-love, her marriage, her parenting outlook and built a business she loves. Find her at Confident+Connected Kids. (
  • Key elements you need to get in place first before they begin worrying about how to raise confident kids even if you don’t know how your confidence is connected to your kids’ and have no idea where to start getting it right.

This was an interview and seminar all in one with a chance for you to ask two confidence coaches your burning questions. 

Journey to 'Peaceful' Confidence

This was a blog interview with Romola after she took inspiring leadership in one of my free group challenges. Even after being in Hue and Style® she recently up-leveled her growth and joined my advanced mentorship program where she find new motivation, self-belief to achieve what she never thought she could. It all started with learning to see herself in the mirror as valuable.

Romola has advice for you on the blog!


Journey To 'Surprising' Confidence

"I want women to know that when you have a broken woman in the house the rest of the family is broken."

 "We are the backbone of the family and when we are broken the who family suffers."

"Don’t be fooled by the name and how great we look! It’s not ALL about that! When you are avoiding yourself because you don’t like what you look like or like who you are that’s a hard road to walk everyday. Michele’s lessons on limiting beliefs stopped me in my tracks. I didn’t even know those limiting beliefs that were running my life. I had no idea they were holding me back. Hue and Style® has changed the way people see me and interact with me. When someone gives me a compliment now, I feel it. I own it because I know it’s true." ~Courtney M., Entrepreneur & Intentional Mother: Direct Sales Team Leader, Alberta, Canada

Learn how Courtney:

Went from a woman hiding in the background with her gift to help others to an on-purpose disciplined change-maker owning how she leads by example and using it to lift others.

Embraced a self-love building process of honouring herself, her body and her unique contribution in her business - even though she thought it was going to be simply about colors and clothes.

Built a personal brand image, confidence and leadership skills using a personalized, defined, mentorship-driven process centred on healing negative mindsets mixed with practice life-long dressing tools and strategy.

Discovered key personal development elements you need to harness before you can build a business or lifestyle that is filled with purpose and joy.


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Journey to 'Purpose Driving' Confidence

This was an interview and a heart-shifting session with my client Pep. We talked about how she used my Hue and Style® program find the confidence to “see herself” and then to:

Trust her inner spirit and no longer question her God-given talents.

Breakthrough unexpected grief and find a new fire to share her heart as a leader in her family and communities.

Embrace the sentiment that in this life, “there ain’t no time to waste.” 

Pep makes you want to crush any and all excuses that you're past your prime, can't get back your spark and helps you believe their is so much more for you to offer!

Journey To 'Clear' Confidence

"Strong individuals build strong communities, but you need to put your 'oxygen mask on first.''"

 "Life is passing. There's no time like the present to find new clarity in yourself and use it to put yourself first so you can help others." ~Salimah L., Real Estate Professional & Children's Educator, New Jersey, USA

In her full-length interview, learn how Salimah used my Hue and Style® program unlock the confidence to:

Gain laser-focused clarity for her whole life (not just her closet) and use it to stand out for her business and to be an example to her family.

Learn from her how:

Confidence prepared her to make whole-life choices that would serve her future while healing her past.

Starting her day with crystal clear intention and putting that intention on her body in her dressing activated her ability to stand out to her colleagues, land a new job, summon new assertiveness in her relationships and find resilience every day even when times were challenging.

She was able to stay focused on creating a life that represents her peace, joy and happiness (despite the outside despair of a pandemic.)


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Journey To 'Healing' Confidence

"You have an anointing for shifting the mindset, which I have never experienced with any other coach or mentor."

"This opportunity. It has been such a life transforming experience. 

I know who I am and for the first time it shows! The shift in my mindset has enabled me to focus on my business without having to check myself in the mirror periodically to question whether or not I should have worn an outfit. My live streams on social media feel more authentic. Lastly, and most importantly, my son is reaping the benefit of witnessing his mother's comeback. He is more confident and becoming his dependent self. This journey has been amazing, life-changing, and freeing!

God bless you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" ~ Liliana H., Entrepreneur: Real Estate Professional, Los Angeles, California, USA

Learn how Lili:
Came to terms with a relationship breakdown and re-ignite her passion for her work as a high-end real estate professional.

Taught her son how to ride the wave of transition with confidence and grace.

Redefined her dreams for her new phase of life …and now how she shows up everyday dressing herself in confidence that sets her mindset up for creating success in her real estate business where she has experienced her some of her biggest deals ever!


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Journey To 'Transformational' Confidence

"I am grateful to have found a mentor who 'gets it' and imparts wisdom with a compassion and honesty that, frankly, is awe-inspiring."

There is no greater gift than owning the truth of who you are; loving yourself from a deep place; and being able to project that gift to others. And that's Michele's HUE+Style way." ~Professional & Entrepreneur: Executive Leadership US Government + Career Coach, Andrala W. Washington, DC, USA 

In this 9-minute except,

Andrala reveals the 5 powerful WINS she made in her life and business using her new confidence - all within weeks of finishing Michele's program.


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Journey To 'Unbelievable' Confidence 

"Michele, you saved 'Me' first - which saved my business, my everything - my life!"

" I was crumbling before this HUE and Style process. I don't know if I could have taken another blow to my confidence without completely falling a part.  Through Michele's program I went from not knowing what to do - in my life let alone in how I presented myself - and feeling like I wasn't "enough" to having a glimmer of hope that I was going to finally find and love myself - as me - not mom, not wife, not my roles or jobs - just Me! And when I did, my entire life changed - my marriage got spicier, my business exploded - everything.  I'm just so HAPPY!" ~Karla E., Entrepreneur: Interior Designer, Alberta, Canada

Learn how Karla:

Transformed self-doubt from life transitions that were showing up in “shopaholic” behaviors and aimless dressing into an authentic style that needs fewer items and made it simple to get dressed strategically for a day that transitions from mommy-mode to entrepreneur-professionalism.

Found deeper success and a flow in her business that made opportunities appear one after the other - including a private jet and VIP opportunities

Connected to new joy in her roles as wife, mother, and businesswoman in a way that honors her true self and balances her life.


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Journey To 'Limitless' Confidence

"Michele, you have my deepest gratitude for what you have done for me and countless other women."

"I did not hesitate when I entered your mentorship and in my intuition I knew you were the one that would be able to facilitate what I needed to heal and grow. I am now using my art to heal myself and so many others. This would of never taken place if I was not willing to invest in myself and if I did not find you."

"I can hear your words and lessons in my head 'it shouldn't be hard!' You are so right!  I just read the book "Big Magic," that asks "do you have the courage to bring forth the treasures that are hidden within you?"  

Thanks to your mentorship, I can fully say with confidence, I DO!" ~Elizabeth S., Entrepreneur: Intuitive Art Healer & Wellness Coach, New York, USA

Learn how Elizabeth:

Rediscovered her true identity and used it to shift her business and almost instantly attract new clients into her redefined and realigned personal brand to purchase her courses and services.

Redefined her sense of self and purpose that is deeply connected to her a passion that laid dormant for decades - she back a new woman!


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Journey To 'Expansive' Confidence

"Michele, you capture everyone’s uniqueness in what they are suppose to discover about themselves."

"Thank you for sharing your gifts, talents, and deeper insight with us Michele! I love the way your passion delivers your heartfelt messages and how you use your style to get those messages to hit us deep within, over and over again causing a huge impact. Your honest and lovingly approach makes us feel empowered. You dust us off - recapturing the sparkle within us and lifting us up and putting us on display. Thank you!! ~Pamela B., Entrepreneur: Wellness Coach-Teacher & Certified Life Coach, Alberta, Canada

Learn how Pamela:

Anchored practical, personalized image & style tools into her life that transformed her mindset so she felt "like she could do anything" in her new coaching business

Attracted the notice, interest and respect of her peers even being brand new in her field.



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Ready For 100% Clarity About Your Own Image Confidence Journey?

A 45-minute call with me will bring your more insight than you've ever imagined about how you see yourself is linked to how you present yourself and how it's holding you back. If we see a 'fit' and only if I am 100% certain I can create a life-changing transformation in your image and your life, I MAY invite you to become one of my new clients this month. Either way, you get massive value and clarity to begin moving forward!