A Journey To Peaceful Confidence With Romola | Interview

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I am also so excited to introduce you to women who are matching their inner greatness with their outer presentation so they can be exactly who they are meant to be and share it with the world.

In this Confidence Shift Conversation, I am introducing you to my client, Romola B. She recently led the way in one of my free Facebook group challenges directed by an open heart, willingness to share her journey to peaceful confidence and hope to inspire others to make a commitment to themselves to trust themselves to invest in the freedom that comes with seeing yourself as valuable, worthy and magical in your life.

I can't wait for you to meet her. Let us know your favorite part of her story in the comments below! ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾 

Let's Meet Romola!

MCG: What do you do to serve others with your business & passion?

Romola: At Your Tranquil Space, I help people bring a feeling of peace and calm into their home and/or office environment by using nature-inspired interior decor.

The Beginning Of A Different Kind of Style Journey

MCG: Often, people don’t fully believe that your current mindset shows up in how you present yourself and get dressed every day. Before H&S, what were you feeling in and about yourself that was affecting your confidence every day?

Romola: I felt like I was hiding in the background. I knew that something more was possible but was not sure what to do to find it. While I knew that I had a calm demeanor and people felt at ease around me, I didn’t feel like I was projecting who I was to my best ability. People often told me how comfortable they felt around me and would open up to me about things going on in their life without really knowing me. I took that as a great privilege that they would trust me and felt comfortable speaking to me. However, I was feeling stagnant, not moving forward the way that I thought I should.

MCG: Where was this keeping you from expressing yourself or achieving new success - in your work, business, career or relationships?

Romola: It kept me from expressing myself fully in my business. I knew that helping people experience peace and tranquility was what I did, but I felt that my image did not match what I wanted to convey.

MCG: How was your dressing - style, polish and presence - reflecting this mindset and keeping you from showing up?

Romola: I wore an all-black outfit on most days that was nice casual attire. It was so easy to get dressed on those days by wearing a color that’s considered so “classic” that you can pretty much wear the same thing every day, and no one would notice. Maybe that was the key, “no one would notice.” It was so typical, so expected that I didn’t stand out.

MCG: What mainstream, generic DIY tips and tricks did you try to improve but could never get to work for you as an individual?

Romola: I would purchase clothing online, including TV shopping channels, where I liked the style (not yet knowing if it really was my “style”) and would often buy an item in multiple colors, including black, because as we’ve always been told, “you can never go wrong with black.” After my Hue and Style® transformation, I realized that most of these colors that I purchased were not right for me and that they were just fashion trends for that season.

MCG: What turning point made it urgent for you to commit and fix these feelings and your image-confidence once and for all?

Romola: I wanted to look on the outside the way that I felt on the inside. I just loved the feeling of peace and nature.

MCG: What caught your attention first about Hue and Style®?

Romola: I realized that Hue and Style® could help me define my image with my personal colors, then realized that Hue and Style® was about so much more. It was about how your personal image and style would create a sense of self-confidence because you would be reflecting who you are on the inside to the outside world.

Dressing In New Confidence

MCG: What was the first change you noticed? When did you experience it?

Romola: When I started wearing my personalized color palette, I began receiving compliments from strangers to coworkers. Just walking down the street or being in an elevator, people would comment on how I looked. Some people who know me said that they sensed something different about me.

MCG: What was the biggest dressing myth you happily released after joining and learning Hue and Style®?

Romola: That wearing black made you look sophisticated. What gives you sophistication is feeling confident in the right style and colors that show off who you are on the inside. This does not have to come from one color but from many colors that work together to give you the presence that you desire. By no longer wearing all-black, I was letting my true style of peace and tranquility do the “talking.”



MCG: Why did that change what you thought about yourself?

Romola: I was no longer “hiding” but revealing my true self.

MCG: I share that H&S Women are 10x more visible and memorable to the world and those we help; how fast did you notice the outside world start noticing and responding differently to you?

Romola: Right away! From those who knew me to those who didn’t, I received so many compliments like never before. And now it's been 4 years!

MCG: So many women share that they don't want to learn all the "confidence stuff" about themselves before they learn how to dress - they want new clothes or a new style to update their look for the season. What are they missing in this kind of thinking?

Romola: They are missing the foundation of expressing who they truly are. Maybe they are being motivated by the fashion industry and social media influencers telling them that “looking good is feeling good.” This can be true, however, “looking good is feeling good” only works when YOU identify your personal style, not by allowing the fashion world to give you a style. Also, whatever style you do take on will convey a certain message, so you want to make sure that your message is clear.

MCG: Why was it more valuable for you to learn about self-acceptance, self-love, and self-expression, along with learning to present yourself and crafting a complete personal brand?

Romola: Accepting yourself is the beginning of your confidence journey. You have to love yourself before anything in your life can feel right. Self-expression shows that you care enough to represent who you are to the world.

MCG: What was your favorite Hue and Style® skill to learn and now to use?

Romola: Two skills stand out to me. First, how to dress for the outcome that you want. While the essence of who you are is the same, learning which colors communicate what you want people to feel was exciting. Whether it’s showing a more gentle side of who you are or a more powerful side of who you are, knowing exactly which of your colors will give this outcome was extremely valuable.

The second was journaling. I’ve always heard of the importance of this practice, but I had not understood its real value until Hue and Style®.

MCG: How did they snowball into the way you dress and ALL of your self-care (wellness goals, assertiveness, believing in yourself, asking for what you want)?

Romola: The confidence that I have felt from my Hue and Style® experience has been incredible! I easily shop for my best clothing, but the Hue and Style® process for journaling has helped me uncover mindset issues.

In particular, I addressed what was holding me back from achieving a couple of my wellness goals. When you document your journey, you have the facts right in front of you instead of keeping the information in your head where some details might get “lost.” Facing the reality of what you have written (or have not written) will clarify the next steps to take to make those goals come to fruition. You don’t just write your thoughts and feelings down without purpose. You take those thoughts and feelings, explore them and use your insights to help you move forward in your life.

I also gained confidence in speaking up for what I wanted in various situations without questioning whether or not I should say anything. The fact that I had something to say, whether it was a question, an opinion or a request, was enough. No need to keep something inside based on how you think others might perceive it.

The Power To Show Up In Uncertain Times

MCG: We live in different times, with the idea of dressing taking on a pandemic-casual tone with more people thinking it's fine to wear sweats and yoga pants to work from home. What do you think about this idea?

Romola: Yes, I have been guilty of this! However, I know that getting dressed as you normally would for the day makes you feel so much better. Even applying my makeup increased my enthusiasm for the day! My style in general, however, is more on the casual side, so just upgrading from sweats to a more casual style for others who are normally more formal will work wonders for improving their mood.

MCG: Why is mastering one's image-confidence more important now more than ever?

Romola: Having been in quarantine for so long has had a major impact on our mental health and well-being during this unprecedented time in our life.

With all of the challenges that have been endured, from personal to professional, we need to remember that the way we feel about ourselves (internal and external) will radiate to those around us. It’s important to set an example for yourself and for those around you that your image-confidence and well-being are important actions to prioritize so that you can fully navigate your life in the direction that will bring you joy. It’s sometimes easier said than done, but you will see and feel the results!

Permanently Evolving Success Through Mentorship

MCG: Since becoming a Hue and Style® Woman, what are some of your biggest wins you've had now that your image-confidence is a superpower?

Romola: My overall confidence is higher than it’s ever been! I feel that I can focus on whatever I want to accomplish and make it happen. It feels like rising to a new level in life and knowing that more growth is on its way!

MCG: I’ve been mentoring women for almost 25 years, and I say this: "No one changes permanently without being surrounded by women changing in the same way." Why did you choose a mentorship relationship and program instead of a typical style course or program?

Romola: I chose Hue and Style® because of the ability to work directly with you, Michele! You don’t get a “team member” when you have questions or need advice. You are always there to guide us and make sure that you have what you need to succeed! Courses are fine for some things, but when it comes to mentorship in a program designed to improve who you are at your core, it’s priceless to have access to the person sharing their vision with the world! I've always said:


"The world needs to know about you, Michele!"


MCG: How valuable did you find being surrounded with women changing the same way growing together inside the H&S Sisterhood?

Romola: This community of outstanding women has been incredibly valuable! We all support each other and understand that we are never alone. It’s been encouraging to see the paths taken by others and to see how much they have grown.

Continued Growth With Leading Others To Blossom

MCG: For the recent #MayConfidenceBloom Facebook challenge, you were a stand-out leader reflecting and posting your insights to inspire others with consistency and a giving heart. Why did you dive so deeply into this free challenge? What did you learn about yourself?

Romola: I chose to commit to this challenge because I wanted to develop my consistency. I have not always been consistent with things in my life, whether personal or professional. This challenge provided a fresh opportunity to increase my confidence. While it was not a requirement to post each day of the month, I chose to prove to myself that I can be consistent on a project from beginning to end! It was such a fun experience, and I have two more posts to go! I’ve come too far to stop now!

MCG: What was your favorite post you made? 

Romola: My favorite post was “values and style” from May 20. It simply shows who I am and what I represent without saying a word.

MCG: You are a true H&S WOMEN. A FEARLESS, MAGNETIC, LEADER, READY to serve and a WALKING COMMERCIAL for who you are and what you do!

Tell us why your H&S experience was Journey to PEACEFUL Confidence?

Romola: Confidence comes in so many forms. I often envision a confident person as outgoing, but as a proud introvert, I love hearing about “quiet confidence.”


"Quiet confidence is an inner confidence that speaks through your soul. You don’t have to voice it; it shows in your actions. There is nothing more exciting to me than the feeling of inner peace."


I have learned so much from Hue and Style® to help me engage more peace, calm and confidence in my life. I look forward to evolving even more on my peaceful journey.

MCG: Women have trouble giving value and permission to themselves to invest in a transformational personal growth process.

What advice would you give to a woman who thinks it's not the right time to pay attention to her image + confidence or doesn't feel she's worth the time, energy or finances it takes to make a change?

Romola: There probably will never be what you consider “the perfect time” to get started on your image and confidence. If you know that you need to make changes, then now is the time to take action. You have to make yourself a priority.

"You are worthy of becoming your best self. The “investment” that you make in yourself will be priceless."

I’m always reminded of the saying, “you can’t afford not to.” I don’t know if it’s possible to get where you want to go on your own. I think that we all need mentorship and a great like-minded community of people who are right there with you. Hue and Style® does a remarkable job of providing this experience! 

MCG: You make me so proud, My Dear, using exactly who you are to shine your light, to help others find their own peace and to live a life opens up to more because you chose to open up to yourself. #proudmentor


If Romola's story sparked hope to trust more in yourself so you can show up in your most powerful way - permanently, click here to discover more about my Hue and Style® mentorship.