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Time For Transformation

Lightening fast results with my programs and mentorship.

You’ve got to believe

in the powerful connection between how you see and value yourself in the mirror and the mindset needed to create success and impact in others.

If you’ve got a dream,

to make a difference in the lives of others and experience true fulfillment of authentically leading by example for your:

  • business
  • career
  • team
  • family
  • cause or community

You’ve got to commit

to rediscovering your truest self and align it with your confidence mindset and how you present yourself so that you are own who are becoming and are seen as the woman full of certainly in her gifts, talents, message and meaningful purpose.

When you are finished wasting time - be it in your closet or in your life - in imposter syndrome, comparison, insecurity, paralysis or frustration,

Embrace a mentorship experience

(the fastest way to your permanent results)

that will not only create a strategic, personal image that communicates your newly revealed purpose but that teaches you to own a process forever for designing a wardrobe that showcases your expertise, makes you feel important, beautiful, powerful and makes people WANT to know who you are 10x faster than your competition.

Imagine leaving debilitating mindsets caused by life’s transitions - and that show up in your dressing - behind for good.  Find joy in never falling prey to the outside "trendy style' pressures or celebrity outfit comparisons that come with every piece of frivolous, disjointed fashion advice and mimic the secret thoughts that erode your confidence. They are linked, Gal, but can be silenced with a process, intention and mentorship.

Seize the opportunity

to learn the only process in the world for combining a confidence-renewing personal development process with a proven practice to be magnetic to your ideal audience using strategic marketing concepts, deep color psychology and values-based personal style as a tool. NEVER be overlooked, passed-by or insecure to promote yourself or your ideas AGAIN.

It’s possible in under 6 short weeks.

There is only one way to get the priceless confidence of Hue and Style® transformation.

Work with Michele as your mentor.


Hue and Style® Programs

The Most Liberating Image & Confidence Journey You Will Every Experience


Creating a strategic personal brand image and expressive, magnetic style for influential visibility.

Michele's exclusive Hue and Style® image confidence workshop & mentorship program is designed to empower you to finally leave “simple fashion” behind and help you create a total personal brand expression with your appearance and communication styles, based in packaged goods marketing strategy, that reflects your most powerfully-confident self so you can use that personal power to love yourself more, be visible to your audience, create motivation for your goals, claim opportunities and impact others.  

It’s time to define a style of dressing that mirrors a newly defined “style for your life” and to step out to be seen, noticed, considered and chosen for your next success. All so you can connect with and attract the families you lead, people you change and opportunities that create a life of joy and fulfillment.

It's time to remember who you are - really - and express your gifts and talents unapologetically using the power of deep color psychology from a personalized palette of hues, personal style clarity, body-acceptance & love, wardrobe confidence and ever detail you've never known mattered to communicating your most authentic self. You'll leave aimless shopping behind and never again live in frustration with how to present yourself in your best light. 

Enjoy the freedom of loving yourself, being an example of the highest confidence to others and then showing the world with a proven toolkit of tailored, personal, immediately actionable and forever flexible image, style and confidence know-how.

To know if you are my kind of woman...



Eradicating old beliefs replacing them with success-winning, results-producing, purpose-fulfilling strategies that impact the globe.

The inner-circle mastermind, exclusively for invited graduates of her image program, this next step is designed to take you beyond dressing basics and into the finest details of image strategy, confidence mindset, and success strategies by leveraging your new personal growth to transform your leadership skills, business strategies, career intentions, deepest relationships and life purpose.  Michele's "brilliant star" clients have gone on to coach, mentor, lead and train individuals, communities and organizations globally, in over 10 different countries. They have also become the most intentional partners and mothers raising confident kids.

Clients committed to their growth experience Michele as their confidence & success coach deeply rediscover their passions once they learn to resolve their long-standing confidence mindset roadblocks with Michele's one-of-a-kind brand of "clarity-truth-action" approach that identifies your emotions as signals to areas needing healing and focus.

You move on to turn wanting more from life to creating it - better relationships, starting new careers or  new business, writing a book, speaking on stages, building a legacy, or simply enjoying the life you've already built.

During the extended months in mentorship, Michele takes a deep dive into how levels of confidence in each area of life can be healed and then maximized using advanced mentorship programs, sessions and proven mindset tools based in performance psychology that create even bigger life-changing breakthroughs.


"When I joined the inner-circle, I embraced the journey to my true self. In the process, I learned to be still and quiet, to walk my walk confidently, to be decisive and assertive without apologies and turn my days into new opportunities knowing that I look, feel and can deliver my message powerfully. Now, I live my purpose and create my legacy by giving permission to myself and others to become what they are meant to be. Thank you, Michele, for being such an amazing human and mentor and for sharing your gift with me."

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna
Transformational Coach & Speaker

How To Become A Hue And Style Woman

We work together when I know I can help you shine your brightest. To know this, learn from me first and then book a FREE Breakthrough Confidence session! Read how!

#1 Learn For Free

The Fascinating Way Style Connects With Confidence

Watch the presentation.

In under 55-minutes you'll know if your image is working for or against your goals.

At then end of your workshop, you will be invited to take the next step.


#2 Schedule Your Free Session

Book A FREE Confidence Breakthrough Call with me.

My free sessions are NOT about "signing up to my program." They are about YOU.

My focused aim on the call is for you to see how your current image and confidence is working in your life. Is it getting you closer to what you want? Is it renewing your confidence everyday you get dressed? Is it helping you be seen. Is it positioning you at your best for your audience, team or community?

Once I help you get clear on your current image-confidence, we have a fit and you’d like me to help you optimize it, we can discuss how everything I do works - and if not that’s fine too. Either way, you’ll have more clarity than you ever thought possible on how you see yourself, and how you see the woman you are becoming.



The 45 Minutes That Will Change Your Life

My Breakthrough Confidence Sessions are the first way I serve women.  FREE to women who know they need to step into the best version of themselves, these call are transformative by themselves - and they book-up at lightening speed.