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Know This...

Though the world would love to reduce your ability to present yourself or build your confidence down to a quick tip to gain influence here, or a hack to create a profile on social media there, the most successful individuals see it entirely differently. 

Everything you want to create, build or expand starts with TRUST.

But be clear. Self-trust must come first! Self-trust builds confidence, and this confidence helps others trust you. This kind of trust is proven to start with who and what you see in the mirror every day.

People buy from and buy into people they trust.

Your personal brand (every way someone experiences you and your excellence) is what builds this vital trust!

Trust isn't built by accident or happenstance. Your appearance, body language, the words you use, the way you present your excellence, and above all, your confidence are non-negotiable fundamentals of this precious reputation-building quality. Get these fundamentals strategically aligned and right, and you connect with and attract who you need and want at lightening speed. 

(Leave one part out and, well, maybe you've already experienced being passed by or passed over.)

But first, you must trust yourself and turn it into unwavering confidence to share your best self.

I can help you turn every way you get ready for your day into a magnet for your dreams!

What would you do, build or create if you were: 


to present yourself and your excellence with unshakable confidence in every way that matters - from the inside out.


of the greatness you offer making you top-of-the-mind memorable and seen as an expert in your niche.


to your ideal clients, potential customers, collaborations and new opportunities that advance your goals.


of outside judgement because you are committed to living out your unique message and mission with purpose-filled urgency.


and an example to those your change teaching them how to invest in and trust their own journey to more confidence.


and eager to get up and dressed every day knowing it sparks your conscious mind and giving heart into fulfilling action. 

For Unshakable Confidence & Maximum Visibility

Combining packaged goods marketing for personal branding, exclusive Hue and Style® personalized color analysis, behavioural influence & persuasion psychology, Enclothed Cognition dressing psychology and holistic performance life coaching, I teach you everything you didn't know mattered about the way you present yourself. With me, you..

Master Your Image & Confidence For Life!


  • Discover the definition of your life's purpose and translate it into a one-of-a-kind mission statement that drives your days. 


  • Define a style that represents in clothing, color and accessory your expertly defined personal brand and mission statement matched to communicate your authenticity and goals. 
  • Know exactly what to wear every single day, (from zoom room to boardroom, on or offline) to stand out as an expert with presence.
  • Enjoy getting dressed in 5 minutes or less every single day without second-guessing yourself - ever. 


  • Use your new personal brand definition to communicate with clarity about your value & expertise in-person, online, in a meeting, on Zoom, in a social media post or passing your business card. 
  • Learn to audit and maximize non-verbal body language that activates trust, authority and confidence in you.
  • Unify your personal brand presence in every profile picture, LinkedIn social profile, resume, interview, media appearance & business pitch.


  • Learn to combine and master the new, vital "authenticity" communicators that build relationships faster in today's skeptical world. 
  • Align proven performance habits with your life's intention and enjoy fulfillment while you achieve your ambitions: do more, make more, change more, impact more - happier!
 Your first session is FREE. I'll show you how to apply these to your business growth plan or next career advancement.

Think Color Can't Possibly Power Your Confidence?


Listen to Stacè share how using Hue and Style® color psychology with her personalized palette and purpose mission statement changed her daily motivation to show up which shifted her self-love and belief to be present & ready for anything. (Plus, she has a message for you too!)

What Happens When You Change The Reason You Get Dressed?


Listen to Yvette explain the way using Hue and Style®  changed every part of her life and what she needed to get over to make it permanent! 



In our first session, my only job is to hear your goals, dreams and aims for your next success!

  • I will share how an optimized image-confidence can enhance your visibility, marketing, sales approach, leadership presence, relationships, life's meaning or all of them.
  • If we have a "fit," and you would like me to help you with my process, I will share how everything works to get started with me as your personal mentor.
"I'm Ready For My First Session!"

Other Ways To Work With Me

LifeStyling & SuccessStyling

An inner-circle mastermind & membership, that layers life-coaching and performance psychology on top of your newly revealed image-confidence giving you ultimate momentum to create anything you wish! Transform your leadership skills, business strategies, career intentions, deepest relationships and life purpose. Clients who complete these extended months in mentorship create 100% of the goals in under 12 months.



The 1:1 business consulting and coaching experience based on Michele's award-winning marketing strategy framework that dissolves overwhelm and transforms your relationship to your business and then it's growth, sales strategy, marketing plan and team-building in under 60 days.

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