Show Up Confident

Get the skills, strategies, tools and support you need to step into a new season of confidence

The definition of success is different for every woman.

Still, the two fundamentals you must have to enjoy fulfillment in growing your business, changing your career, improving your wellness or strengthening your relationships are the same -  strong confidence and a strategic self-presentation.

The strength of your confidence either fuels or stalls whatever you want to have or create next in your life. The consistency of your self-presentation determines if you are seen or invisible to those who help you achieve whatever success definition you seek.

Neither strong confidence nor strategic self-presentation happens by accident, happenstance, style tips, tiktok hacks, or one-off personal brand tricks. 

The most driven, confident, and fulfilled women combine and use (what I've coined) "image-confidence" to steer their daily purpose, personal brand image, dressing style, goals, legacy and happiness.

I'm your new color-powered confidence transformer.  I'm ready to teach, coach, and mentor you toward your desired life using every bit of my almost 30 years of confidence-building industry experience.

Let's see if we have a fit. I can't wait to meet you on the call.


Let's be clear. We've all heard it.

Everyone says "find your purpose," "live authentically," and "show up as your best self."

But what inspiring post or viral battle cry told how to actually do it?

Know This…
the answer to how to live and showcase the truest, most-confident version of yourself lies in how you see yourself in the mirror each day.

Studies show that you can change your mood, motivation, and performance using the symbolism of what you wear.

Imagine tossing out your old idea of "clothes-only" style and changing your self-talk the moment you put on your outfit.


Imagine preparing yourself every day anchored with clear intention and fearlessly motivated by a visual image that mirrors a new optimistic style of life guided by grounding purpose!


Envision picking every color, garment and accessory using the research-backed science of dressing that boosts your courage, boldness, focus and performance. At the same time, it makes you more memorable, persuasive and visible to your audience.


Boost the impact of your total self-presentation into more than just frivolous fashion hacks, idle style fancies and passing Pinterest trends.


Replace the frustration of figuring out how to stand out the right way with a new powerful presence that comes when you:
know yourself deeply. define your mission clearly. believe in your importance undoubtedly. show up with confidence unapologetically.


Mastering Image Confidence

Transform your confidence and create a magnetic presence for a purpose-driven life with my one-of-a-kind mentorship approach.

In this permanently-practical, high-touch mentorship program, you'll learn the timeless tools, techniques and frameworks that help you present yourself for every season of your life. 

Mastering Image Confidence is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to craft an outer image that gets you the right kind of attention for your goals but also attaches your dearest held values, clarified purpose and evolved self-expression to the components of your outer image so that every day you get dressed becomes a self-affirmation, and a love letter to your beautiful, growing self. 

No matter what your age, stage or role, you gain a quiet confidence that boosts your reputation, credibility and authority.

It's time to dream again!


Think Changing Your Clothes Can't Possibly Change Your Life?


Listen to Adria's powerful advice - that drew "tears of truth" from both of us.

~ Adria J., Award-winning TV & Film Producer, Toronto, CAN

Get ready to turn every way you get ready for your day into a magnet for fulfillment!

This program will teach you how to be: 


to present yourself and your excellence with unshakable confidence in every way that matters - from the inside out.


of the greatness you offer making you top-of-the-mind memorable and seen as an expert in your niche.


to your ideal clients, potential customers, collaborations and new opportunities that advance your goals.


of outside judgement because you are committed to living out your unique message and mission with purpose-filled urgency.


and an example to those your change teaching them how to invest in and trust their own journey to more confidence.


and eager to get up and dressed every day knowing it sparks your conscious mind and giving heart into fulfilling action. 

Enjoy What Happens When You Change The Reason You Get Dressed!


Listen to Yvette explain the way using Hue and Style®  changed every part of her life and what she needed to get over to make it permanent! 

~ Yvette M., Software Project Team Manager & Entrepreneur, Florida, USA

How Do You Increase Visibility And Courage To Show Up?


Listen to Stephanie share how wearing her Hue and Style® made showing up easier, faster, more fun, more powerful and to her invaluable to her business.

~ Stephanie D., Lawyer & Mediator, Alberta, Canada

Combining packaged goods marketing for personal branding, exclusive Hue and Style® personalized color analysis, behavioral influence & persuasion psychology, Enclothed Cognition dressing psychology and holistic performance life coaching.

IN ONE COMPLETE PROGRAM: You learn everything you didn't know mattered about the way you present yourself and show up for your life. In this signature 6-week program, you get:

An Invaluable Purpose Statement

Create an awe-inspiring new definition of your life's purpose that will give you goosebumps and drive your motivation to show up for every part of your life with ease and enthusiasm.

Over 25 Expert-Led Lesson Modules

  • Unlock the one-of-a-kind framework for using the art of self-presentation, the science of confidence and the psychology of influence to accelerate your purpose, performance and personal brand.
  • Receive your personalized Hue And Style® Color Power palette of hues and tailored training to use them to change your motivation, communicate your values, and persuade others to take action using Michele's exclusive Hue and Style® Color Influence color psychology system.
  • Cultivate completely aligned personal style combining the deepest values of your purpose statement with your Hue And Style® Personal Style Story profile to communicate your most authentic self in any room, situation, or opportunity.
  • Unify your personal brand presence using Hue And Style® Power Presence Audit that aligns your non-verbal body language, social profile picture first impression, every photoshoot, LinkedIn visibility strategy, resume writing & interview impact, media appearance image & business pitch preparation.

Live Q&A Mentorship Sessions

  • Get Michele's tailored, personalized and expert recommendations for your maximum impact. Leave the cookie-cutter, generic style, fashion, "build your brand" tips behind forever and finally learn what is precisely right for your purpose, body, age, life stage, goals and happiness from your very own image & confidence expert.
  • Get Michele's insider lessons on the new "authenticity communicators" needed in today's skeptical, crowded and attention-seeking world that build relationships faster for your business, career, team or personal life.
  • Get Michele's proven performance habits that accelerate your fulfillment & happiness while you achieve your ambitions, whether it be to do more, make more, change more, or impact more.

Lifetime Elite Community Membership

  • Tap into the power of women committed to showing up and receiving peer support, plus Michele's exclusive seasonal Color and Image Reports full of expert advice to update your image, confidence and visibility - year after year. And let's not gloss over you enjoying...


Award-winning Life-Coaching As You Learn To:

  • Always know exactly what to wear every single day (from zoom room to boardroom, on or offline) to stand out as an expert with presence.
  • Effortlessly get dressed in 5 minutes or less every single day without second-guessing yourself - ever.
  • Truly, finally, and actually love your body no matter your age, stage, shape, weight or condition and honor it with how you adorn it.
  • Forever evolve your style, self-presentation, and every piece of your personal brand when you shift using proven Hue and Style® tools and permanently flexible frameworks.

Think Color Can't Possibly Power Your Confidence?


Listen to Stacè share how using Hue and Style® color psychology with her personalized palette and purpose mission statement changed her daily motivation to show up which shifted her self-love and belief to be present & ready for anything. (Plus, she has a message for you too!)

Stacè  M., Diversity/Inclusion Executive & Coach, New York, USA

Let's jump in!

Start with an Image-Confidence Potential Call with Michele.  This session is free for the woman ready to make her biggest confidence shift and prepare to show up for ANYTHING. 


There is no risk in discovering your potential because your first session is free. Give yourself the chance to see what's possible when you change how you see yourself in every way.

My only job on the call is to hear your dreams and obstacles and find the brilliant potential in your biggest aims. I'll reveal the confidence roadblocks to remove and show you what next steps will take you to your desires once you how to be present, purposeful and visible for your desires. If we have a fit and you'd like me to help you get there, I'll share the easiest way to invest in yourself and how my full program works. I keep the entire enrolment process super simple.

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