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Get lightening-fast image and confidence results with my rare breakthrough approach.


Complete Confidence To Conquer Anything

What I know for sure is that neither personal growth, personal branding nor confident self-presentation work best with a one-size-fits all approach.

Though the world would love to reduce your ability to present yourself down to a quick tip here, or a hack there, the most successful individuals see it entirely differently. 

Everything you want starts with TRUST.

Self-trust builds confidence, this confidence helps others trust you.

Let's begin my process for learning to trust yourself first and turn it into power: to know what is exactly right for you, to know how to spot what aligns, choose it intentionally, present it boldly and share it unapologetically.

Then, we'll turn that new confidence into your most authentic personal brand message that helps others know, like and trust you. Your image-confidence will help them effortlessly buy into you and buy from you. 

Let me guide you through my one-of-a-kind transformation that changes your:

  • self-expression 
  • style evolution
  • personal branding communication
  • confidence mindset resilience
  • supportive relationship connections
  • ability to live your purpose
  • courage and self-motivation to take action in newer, bigger and bolder ways. (The only way you create expanded success, by the way.)
My goal is to infuse your mind, heart and life with new power to live a life of meaningful purpose.

Together we align your definition of success with how you show up everyday - be it increasing your income to give yourself more choices, achieving professional advancement to help more people or optimizing your visibility to attract more to your passions.

No matter what, with me as your expert and inside my mentorship, you become:


of outside judgement because you are committed to living out your unique message and mission with purpose-filled urgency.


to your ideal clients, potential customers, collaborations and new opportunities that advance your goals.


for any occasion or situation knowing you can present yourself at your best from your inner values to your outer communication cues. 


and an example to those your change teaching them how to invest in and trust their own journey to more confidence.


of the greatness you offer making you top-of-the-mind memorable and seen as an expert in your niche.

For Unshakable Confidence & Maximum Visibility

Here's What You Get In Hue and Style®:

My exclusive, signature image confidence program empowers you to finally leave flimsy fashion tips and trend obsessions behind and, instead helps you create a totally aligned and authentic -to-you personal brand expression from your appearance to your behaviour and communication styles, all based in packaged goods marketing strategy.

H&S helps you reflect a newly refreshed, powerfully confident version of yourself so you can use that magic to love yourself more, be visible to your new audiences, create motivation for your goals, claim advanced opportunities and impact more people.  

You will master all of this...

  • The only process in the world that combines strategic marketing concepts, personal branding strategy, success-mindset techniques, exclusive Hue and Style® color psychology, and values-based personal style influential presence.
  • Define a style that mirrors a newly defined Meaningful Outcome purpose with an aligned personal brand communication matched to help you step out to be seen, heard and chosen to new people and bigger areas. 
  • Know exactly what to wear every. single. day, to stand out as an expert with presence knowing that every detail you've never known mattered is "on-point" and communicating your most authentic self and excellence.
  • Never again worry about how to shop, or question the way you present yourself, or build a functional wardrobe because you will ALWAYS have the expert tools to look appropriate, approachable and relatable - the key to connecting and attracting others and loving yourself more.
  • Define a powerfully valuable authentic personal brand reputation that activates trust in you starting inside a 3-second first impression.
  • Use your new personal brand to communicate with clarity about your expertise in-person, online, in a meeting, on Zoom, in a social media post or passing your business card.
  • Accept and appreciate yourself and your best example of your highest confidence to others while being supported by a community of like-minded change-makers ready to cheer you on to your next level of success.
If you are growth-focused, purpose-driven, want more out of life and are urgent to get 100% successful results, the Hue and Style® image-confidence transformation is for you.

Your first session is FREE. I can’t wait to meet you.


Wonder if the way you get dressed is fuelling and supporting your next success?



What Happens When You Change The Reason You Get Dressed?


Listen to Yvette explain the way using Hue and Style®  changed every part of her life and what she needed to get over to make it permanent! 


"I feel empowered...

every day I walk out of the house."

"People want to work with you because of the presence you're creating."

"I feel ready to rock and do what I need to do in the world."

~ Stephanie D., Lawyer & Mediator, Alberta, Canada

"Michele, you don’t know how much power you have given me..."

"Your knowledge is incredible."

"As a servant leader I need someone to feed into me."

~ Pep E., Wealth Advisor, Maryland, USA


In our first session, my only job is to hear your goals, dreams and aims for your next success!

  • I will share how an optimized image-confidence can enhance your visibility, marketing, sales approach, leadership presence or all of them.
  • If we have a "fit," and you would like me to help you with my process, I will share how everything works to get started with me as your personal mentor.
"I'm Ready For My First Session!"

Other Ways To Work With Me

LifeStyling & SuccessStyling

An inner-circle mastermind, that layers performance psycology on top of your newly revealed image-confidence giving you ultimate momentum to create anything you wish! Transform your leadership skills, business strategies, career intentions, deepest relationships and life purpose. Clients who complete these extended months in mentorship create 100% of the goals in under 12 months.



The 1:1 business consulting and coaching experience based on Michele's award-winning marketing strategy framework that dissolves overwhelm and transforms your relationship to your business and then it's growth, sales strategy, marketing plan and team-building in under 60 days.

BY INVITATION ONLY: Request an application


Are you an ambitious man eager to make your personal brand image a juggernaught for new power & success? You may qualify to work with me as you expert!