Creating A Dream Life: A 2021 Reflection

2021reflection confidence inspiration life coach magic confidence Dec 31, 2021

My husband has repeatedly told me to stop calling myself an image consultant. He demands, "You're a life coach. You do it in a way no one else can."

My clients have even told me, "You show us to do the inside work and then make the outside work." Thanks, Vette.

Here's why I bring this up:

Twenty-twenty-one taught me to own this definition fully because it was the key to achieving my own dream. I'll explain.

If I look back, I see that all of the wins of my Hue and Style clients - their new jobs, promotions, business starts, career advancements, wellness wins, weight loss journeys, books written, speeches given, marriages sparked, and families mended. All came from a woman first saying "yes" to honoring herself at the beginning of her day how I teach, in the most intentional way so she could take on her entire life with the purest form of confidence.

And when I look deeper, I see that the very best growth year I've ever had in all of my business as a mentor and with the expansion of my message and it was all done with more ease, quietness and peace than ever before.

Not only that, personally, I was more mindful, present and connected in my relationships, in my parenting and with my own wellness. These were quiet wins away from the loudness of the world. They were my peace in a year where it felt lacking.

And then I realized something:
I did it.
I did what I've always described for my life.
What I had written down in my journals just a few years ago, I had done.

I achieved my "dream life" in 2021.

Here's what I've learned about creating your "dream life":

When your dream arrives, it won't come with fanfare and trumpets blaring or outside viral validation. Instead, those noisy bits are signals for the milestones on the way to what you desire.

It will be quiet as new snow falling at night in the winter when you get the dream. You see the flakes flowing down but don't hear them hit the ground. Instead, they silently accumulate over time until you have a drift.

The actual real trick to success creation is to be so in tune with yourself and so at home in your self-trust that you can see all that has accumulated and hear your heart whisper: "You did it. You're here."

If I can challenge you to do two things in your life in 2022:

Transform the way you see yourself every day so that you own the ability to confirm, affirm your value and importance. This is the first thing needed to create anything you want.

Learn to get (and stay) quiet enough to hear your heart so that when you achieve your heart's dream, you'll be able to hear it say, "You did it. You're here."

Do the inside work and make the outside work to reflect it. There's your life coach encouragement.

Happy, wonderful new year and here's to you achieving your heart's dream.


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