How To Find Lasting Body Love [VIDEO]

body image change+transition confidence imageprinciple life coach Mar 17, 2022
The week my clients go through their Body Confidence module is a huge one. 
It ALWAYS brings forward so many feelings about change, transition and self-acceptance. So as the new ladies learn the connection between what they feel about their body and their power to own their voices, I support them through the wave of emotion that often comes up.  
We are women, which means we change as our lives change: monthly, from youth to womanhood, motherhood, menopause, and beyond. Our bodies can be such a source of strife. 
I teach them a way to be kind about what they see, to honor how they adorn it and use Hue and Style® confidence tools to move their body, mind and heart toward new self-acceptance, which is where new confidence lives too. That's where there is new relief. I promise. 
I wanted to share a little more about this connection today.
Need more? Enjoy this podcast episode and hear what I mean: