How To Show Up Without Being 'Too Much'

entrepreneurship firstimpressions personalbranding personalgrowth showupconfident Jun 29, 2022

The #1 concern I get from any woman who finds out I'm an image consultant is:

"How do I show up as myself without being 'too much.'"

So many times in our history, women have been told to temper their feelings, emotions, voices and opinions. Often, we'd find ourselves inconsistent with how we'd present ourselves - in turn, doing a disservice to how people saw our contribution. In short, we shrunk.

But that was the old days. Have you noticed the power of women's voices lately? There is an opportunity at this moment in history to strengthen your fearlessness and find balance in how you use your voice.

When asked this question about how to show up authentically these days, like I was asked multiple times at a mixer last week, I say emphatically, "You've got to know precisely WHO your 'self' is today. Not a year ago, three years ago or twenty years ago. You've changed. Define yourself TODAY, then you can learn a strategy to help people see that powerful, passionate woman on purpose - and you'll shine instead of shrink."

But how? By crystalizing three vital pieces necessary to shine while never coming across as 'too much.' You need to know and know how to communicate instantly:

  1. Your top 3 values - What is most important for you to leave behind in your life?
  2. Your Meaningful Outcome - Why are you here, and whom do you serve?
  3. Your visibility strategy - No, not your social media plan but the framework you use to help those you experience you and your solutions - everywhere they encounter you - from the grocery store to the boardroom to Zoom room.

I know this is a long answer to a short question, but the reality is that showing up and standing out with confidence goes beyond one hack, tip or trick. And if you'd love an expert to start teaching you how to do it, I can. Choose a discovery journey from my curated collection. Renew your confidence, shift your style, and power up your personal brand! CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR LEARNING PATH! You can even take a CONFIDENCE QUIZ if you don't know where to start!