See Wonderful Beginnings Hiding Themselves In Ends

confidence inspiration joinme journalling Jun 29, 2019

It's a sacred time for me - the journal swap day. It's the time when one finished, and another begins.

Mike Posner's song "Move On," said it best, I think:

"Beginnings always hide themselves in ends."

Positive shifts in any part of your confidence come as a beginning from an end. The value in the change - the joy or pain in it - rests in perspective you create around it.

I like to attach positivity to an end is with a new journal.

The one I am retiring today has about 40 empty sheets left. I never let that bother me. When that book's season is done, I'm done.

I also like to make my last entry very intentional.

I take the time to thank the journal for carrying me through the season of the book, and then I let it go.

My new journal pretty much nails where I am in my head and heart as I start my new "personal year" that begins on July 1. (I'm not a January 1, kinda girl - too much pressure.)

Do you mark your beginnings with ends? Do you celebrate it or move through kicking and punching? You can shift that perspective too, you know.

Remember, beginnings always hide themselves in ends.

If you need help discovering your latest "end" so you can see the beginning, journal about in my 7X7 journal project. It's FREE and available now.

Let me know if it helps you turn a new leaf. (And if you've done it before, you can do it again, you know!)

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