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What I Do In Times Of Change [PODCAST]

In times of change, having habits and perspectives that help you move toward finding meaning are the most powerful.  I’m sharing exactly what I do to manage change and why even in extraordinary times, you can begin developing a series of ways to bounce back from anything. I mention a couple of ways I may be able to help you in the episode.  Find the links here:
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See Wonderful Beginnings Hiding Themselves In Ends

It's a sacred time for me - the journal swap day. It's the time when one finished, and another begins.

Mike Posner's song "Move On," said it best, I think:

"Beginnings always hide themselves in ends."

Positive shifts in any part of your confidence come as a beginning from an end. The value in the change - the joy or pain in it - rests in perspective you create around it.

I like to attach...

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Treasure A Terrific Conversation With Yourself [PODCAST]

Learning to develop a conversation with yourself is one of the most powerful tools you can own to build and evolve in your confidence. If you love journalling or would love to start, listen as Michele shares how to drop every reason you have NOT to begin and compels you own your practice with the 7 minute x 7 day journal project challenge.

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