One Way To Find Confidence When Letting Go Is Hard

change+transition confidence journalling life coach motherhood Mar 27, 2024
Letting go is hard and I’m not immune to the feelings. You see, today I “let go” as my kiddo head off on her first big overseas trip without us. Mama’s, are you feelin’ my feels?
“Did I prepare her?”
“Does she know enough to keep herself safe?”
“Did I do ENOUGH?”
To settle them, I went where I always go - my journal with my confidence-shifting tools and prompts - for a conversation with myself. I spent a good three pages exploring what all of this change means to me, my life, my work. I looked for the wins in my motherhood journey and saw the answers to all the questions that change brings.
And after a couple espressos too, I feel better.
So just remember, if you’re in a place of letting something go, what you are feeling is so normal. And while it doesn’t make it easier in the moment, know it’s part of the journey to renewing your confidence for what’s next. 
One way to find new confidence when letting go feels hard? Get the tools to make a confidence shift. Do the work. Have a new conversation with yourself.

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