The Honest Summit | Keynote Speaking Event - May 29, 2020

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Join me at The Honest Summit, a 1-Day virtual business conference for heart-centered women who crave connection, alignment, and a business that connects to their soul.

My Topic: The Write Way To Confidence: Developing A Journal Practice That Transforms Self-Belief & Powers Success

Don’t have time to journal? Don’t know what to write? Don’t know what the point is? Is it just journaling just a waste of time? If you’ve thought any of these thoughts, you are ready to begin loving a journal practice that sparks a confidence that is magic!

Discover the power you hold to create your next success when you dive into an intentional conversation with yourself. Unlock your ability to show up with new self-belief and courage starting with a pen, a clean sheet of paper and a feeling you wouldn’t expect!

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