The Voice of Confidence

Captivatingly commanding in delivery. Undeniably uplifting in message.

With infectious enthusiasm and a talent for delivering passion-filled truth bombs, Michele has inspired local, international and virtual audiences to move one step closer to their best confidence since 1998.


"My aim is to shift up your thinking & change your very next action."

Michele’s aim with every audience is to:

  • Encourage¬†you to¬†get¬†ready for your day in business, career, leadership & life by focusing on preparing your personal power first.
  • Reveal¬†the real reason personal brand image, reputation, influence, leadership, confidence and visibility¬†are tied together in the tightest way.¬†
  • Align¬†your ability to sell more, advance faster and create deeper loyalty of clients by creating an authentic personal brand representation accelerates the¬†your team's, audience's or customer's trust in you.
  • Help¬†you discover that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that renewing self-love refreshes your outlook on your life, business, career, health, relationships and opportunities.
  • Vibrate with new energy and excitement to make one single change in behavior starting the very next day.

"I'm ready for your conference, workshop, summit or mastermind."

Michele has spoken to North American audiences in person in San Francisco, Houston, Miami, Saskatoon and Ottawa, traveling from her home in rural Alberta, Canada to share with groups associated with luxury brands, premium sales teams and global Fortune 500 corporations.

When travel isn't necessary or the audience is global, Michele has appeared on countless virtual summits, online conferences, business team masterminds and corporate retreats.

Every appearance comes her signature thought-provoking, action-inspiring philosophies, confidence lessons, renewing emotion, and laughter mixed with relatable realness.


Most Popular Topics 


Show Up Confident!


Life’s too short to stay invisible! The secret of of how to show up with power is under the clothes you’re wearing right now! 

Discover what truly makes your presence captivating yet approachable, commanding and never intimating. 

There's more to taking up space and exuding authentic and unshakable confidence in any room than following the outdated ‚Äúdress for success‚ÄĚ cliche.

Cultivate the vital confidence-navigating tool inside you and it has the power to fuel your next great win - while it satisfies your ultimate fulfillment.


Confident Visibility For Success


Uncover new courage to be seen! In days of disposable content, nano-second attention spans and dime-a-dozen influence culture, discover what actually attracts and connects people to your excellence for longer than a 3-second first impression.

Strengthen your understanding about of the lost art of low-tech, old-school, proven cues that all humans need to feel before they trust enough to buy into you or your ideas.

Replace aimless ‚Äúputting yourself out there‚ÄĚ with an unbeatable combination of the science & psychology of reputation-building that will never go out of style - no matter what new tactic is trending.

Increase the impact of your personal brand image and it will become an asset in your business or career so you can captivate, communicate, connect and collaborate with people deeper producing faster more meaningful results.



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A sampling of local and national organizations who have invested in Michele's message for their organizations and teams:

"There was a time when I was told my voice was too loud.

Now, I know it's my gift and use it as my superpower to inspire & empower every audience I'm given."

5 out of 5 Participant Rating

Participants describe what they feel after learning from Michele: 

Inspired - Empowered - Excited - Relieved - Motivated

An Amazing Leader & Teacher

You and your message about being bold and confident with expressing my direction and inner passions was absolutely fantastic!

I can’t wait to read your book!

Patricia L. | Event Guest: Porsche Centre "Fit ed For Confidence" Women's Night - Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Powerful Delivery with Infectious Enthusiasm

Michele is a reflection of everything she teaches those she works with. She is an amazing leader and teacher in life. Her professionalism will exceed any expectations you may have. Michele engages and connects to all of the clients she works with. She is an amazing speaker.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna | Women's Transformational Coach - Florida, USA

An Inspiring Speaker

Fantastic presentation, advice and inspiration. This whole session was great! I learned so much I didn't know.

K. Wells | Corporate Team Virtual Workshop Participant - AB, Canada

A Highly Skilled Presenter

Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Your personal touch and “I care attitude” are beyond compare. I am so inspired to be a better, truer version of myself!

Lana Laine Lane | Workshop Participant - AB, Canada


Prepare Yourself, Your Team & Community

To Lead, Share & Succeed

When you activate an individual's confidence to believe in their contribution, you boost the results of your entire team.

Michele's tailored keynote workshops, teach the fundamentals of building inner confidence, personal brand strategy, the connection between consumer buying behavior, building credibility, the sales process and reaching career & business goals. 

If you are an organization focused on customer acquisition, sales, client retention or front-line customer services... 

If you lead a community focused on building a personal brand that endures beyond fads or increasing personal development while achieving aligned work & purpose... 

Virtual & In-Person Presentations Available


Custom Topics Also Available On:

Peak Performance


Purposeful Work

Self-Presentation Skills For Personal Brand Image

Resilience & Adversity


Women's Change, Resilience & Confidence

Change & Transition Reflected In Personal Style

Personal Growth


Self-Confidence Using Self-Presentation

Self-Improvement & Self Care

Excellence & Success


Women's Leadership


Women In Business

Women Balancing Roles, Identity & Fulfillment 

Authenticity In Leadership

A Short Sample of

Past Speaking Engagements

Women's Gala Event Keynote

May 09, 2024 - Parry Sound, Canada

Your closet is home for your clothes but so much more. No matter what changes and transitions you face as a woman, you can learn to see yourself differently and show up with more power, empathy and creativity for anything!

Topic: Show Up Confident: Heart & Mind, Head To Toe

(KEYNOTE: In-person community women's gala event for Barb Kerr Financial Services)


Leadership for Women In Medicine Keynote

APR 26, 2024 - Houston, USA

Imagine using your unique leadership style to set your team on fire with eager, energized desire to create lasting results!

Discover the connection between knowing yourself as a person and developing your presence has to connecting people around a worthy goal. 

Topic: Show Up Confident To Lead

(KEYNOTE: In-person presentation for women physicians and medical executive leaders at the Memorial Hermann Health Services Women In Medicine Conference.)


Luxury Brand Guest Event Keynote

Oct 23, 2023 - Saskatoon, Canada

Learn the deeper meaning behind your personal style and how use it to transform every way you present your authentic self-expression - from your closet to your dream car.

Topic: Get Fitted Fitted For Confidence: The Deeper Meaning  Behind Personal Style

(KEYNOTE: In-person invitational event for clients of Porsche Centre Saskatchewan)


Leadership For Executive Women Keynote

SEP 18, 2023 - San Francisco, USA

How freeing would it be to show up as yourself while you present with high impact? Think that's impossible in your role? Discover what truly makes your presence captivating yet approachable, commanding and never intimating. There's more to taking up space and exuding authentic, deep and unshakable confidence in any room than just picking out a new blouse - what's inside you can power your next great team win while it fills your heart! 

Topic: Show Up Confident To Lead

(KEYNOTE: In-person presentation for a global private equity company women's summit of 50+ CEO's & C-Suite Executives)


Retail Customer Service Excellence Workshop

JAN 28, 2023 - Lloydminster, Canada

Tap into what makes you unique and it will power your excellence and confidence to serve any customer, with any emotion, at any time in any situation! Make your business memorable with a service level that can't be copied! Win loyal customers and priceless referrals when your team masters these skills.

Show Up (Customer Service) Confident

(WORKSHOP: In-person presentation for premium retail sales associate team)


Real Estate Business Coaching Mastermind Session

OCT 19, 2022 - North America Virtual

Virtual talk sharing the science & psychology of self-presentation that connects you to potential clients faster while it builds self-belief & courage to achieve more.

Topic: Style Your Confidence For Success

(SHORT SEMINAR: Virtual presentation for women sales professionals)


Gem Conference Keynote

SEP 28, 2022 - Ottawa, Canada

The Confidence-Propelling Way To Develop A Memorable Personal Brand

Topic: Come On, World, Judge Me! 

(KEYNOTE: In-person presentation for creative women entrepreneurs)


Lakeland College Guest Lecturer

JAN 12, 2022

A seminar session with students in the Interior Design Technology program

Topic: Show Up Confident, Young Professionals! The Truth About Influence and Your Image

(SHORT SEMINAR: In-person presentation for business students.)


The Honest Summit Keynote

MAY 29, 2021

A 1-Day virtual business conference for heart-centered women who crave connection, alignment, and a business that connects to their soul.

Topic: The Write Way To Confidence: Developing A Journal Practice That Transforms Self-Belief & Powers Success

(KEYNOTE: Virtual presentation for creative women entrepreneurs)


Choose To Challenge Event Keynote

MAR 8, 2021

An International Women's Day event present by Community Futures and Project Gazelle.

Topic: Choose To Challenge (It's easier than you think!)

(KEYNOTE: Virtual presentation for women professionals and entrepreneurs networking group)


Financial Services Leadership Development Keynote

NOV 05, 2020

Sharing with emerging leaders, organization executives & upper management leaders the power of knowing your values so one can lead with authenticity. 

Topic: Show Up Confident, Leaders!

(KEYNOTE: Virtual presentation for Synergy Credit Union leadership development mastermind group)


Women In Business Mastermind Keynote

SEP 10, 2020

A 1-hour virtual workshop featuring my fool-proof practical framework for making confidence stick.

Topic: Confidence 101

(KEYNOTE: Virtual presentation for leadership development community business development group)


Gem Conference Keynote

MAY 30-31, 2020

A 2-day virtual conference curated to help you up-level your digital presence.

Topic: The #1 Reason To Build A Strategic Personal Brand

(KEYNOTE: Virtual presentation for creative women entrepreneurs)


Girls Conquer! Keynote

FEB 25, 2019

An empowering evening just for girls! 

Topic: A self-discovery workshop and presentation for the girls of Lloydminster, Alberta.

(KEYNOTE: In-person presentation for community girls' empowerment initiative)