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With the gift of a commanding voice and infectious enthusiasm,

Michele has inspired local and international audiences to move with practical new action toward a mindset that improves their image and ignites their confidence.

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Learn the truth behind what it takes to “dress for success” and why authentic “style,” and a magnetic image begins with committing to develop the personal confidence to become who you are.  

Discover how seeing yourself differently every day you get dressed changes your mindset and activates your ability to attract success in any area of your life.

Learn how focusing on personal development instead of fashion trends crushes insecurity, banishes self-doubt and replaces limiting beliefs with actionable personal power... even if you have no idea where to start (in fact, it’s better if you don’t).

Reveal the profit-making personal brand marketing power behind creating a total image that builds trust at lightening speed for influencing any ideal audience, potential client or customer to take action in your favor.

"An Amazing Leader & Teacher"

Michele uses her gifted speaking ability and knack for delivering practical calls to action that first connect with her audiences in-person or on-line and then inspire them to act in a new way.

She has been recognized multiple times for this inspirational nature, proven entrepreneurship skills throughout her 20+ year award-winning career. Discover her honors, education and accolades on her LinkedIn profile.


Michele’s Presentations:

  • Shift thinking about why developing a total image is more powerful than a simple fashion style and how it helps a woman be more visible to sell their expertise before she even speaks.
  • Reveal the element every woman needs to communicate with her image in under 3 seconds for any potential client, collaboration or audience to want to work with her.
  • Connect the ability to sell more, advance faster and create deeper loyalty with clients and customers to creating an image that build the “Know-Like-Trust-Purchase” factor at lightning speed.
  • Bust confidence-crushing dressing myths that most women believe they need to dress well but that create success-sabotaging mindset and behaviours.
  • Help women discover joy in a personal growth process that not only produces clarity for how they dress but refreshes their outlook on their lives, health, relationships and opportunities.

"Powerful Delivery with Infectious Enthusiasm"

Michele is an international speaker but also regularly broadcasts live on social media with practical image advice, thought-provoking confidence lessons and tons of laugher mixed with "hard-truth" realness.

An Avid Live Broadcaster

Listen to Michele's captivating speaking style on one of her streaming live broadcasts.

"A Highly Skilled Presenter"

Michele has been speaking to audiences since the age of 16 as a top debate competitor who received recognition nationally.  She went on to use her gift for speaking to teach and inspire her high-achieving, award-winning sales organization that she mentored to 6-figure success.  She has always enjoyed connecting with audiences large and small with contagious energy, #realtalk, and sometimes raw emotion.  Michele has the ability to bring out the range of emotion from laughter to tears that makes her audiences take new action in their lives.

“Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Your personal touch and “I care attitude” are beyond compare. I am so inspired to be a better, truer version of myself!”

Lana Laine Lane, Workshop Participant

“Michele is a reflection of everything she teaches those she works with. She is an amazing leader and teacher in life. Her professionalism will exceed any expectations you may have. Michele engages and connects to all of the clients she works with. She is an amazing speaker. Please do yourself a favour and hire her.”

Dayanna Valenciano, Coach to Women, Creator of the AWAKEN - Miami, Florida, USA 

“Michele delivers a powerful message that inspires confidence and enthusiasm. She is a highly skilled presenter. As an accomplished image consultant, Michele has successfully motivated myself and many others to reconsider how we prepare ourselves for business and social events.”

Terra Weaver, KT & Company – Producer of the Inspiring Women Conference - Alberta, Canada

5 out of 5 Participant Rating

Participants describe what they feel after learning from Michele: 

  • Inspired
  • Empowered
  • Excited
  • Relieved
  • Confident
  • Ready to be Better

Keynote Presentations

Authentic style is about something far more unexpected - becoming who we are.

Most women believe in the old saying, “when you look better, you feel better.”  This expression is true except when women take it face value, they create unintended confidence-crushing behaviors that make them feel less than the best version of themselves.  Authentic style is about something far more unexpected - becoming who we are.

This presentation challenges what 99% of women believe it takes to look better so they can feel better and boost their confidence. The realities shock them and they are given a roadmap to move past the superficial elements of simple, mainstream style. It then inspires the audience to shift how they see their style as a tool to catapult confidence, increase outward visibility and attract opportunities for success. (Audience: Any General Female Audience)

The ability to be visible for opportunities for success is about nothing outside ourselves.

Just having a great product, a ton of experience or a list of degrees and accolades, is not enough to stand out from the competition. 'YOU' need to stand out and be visible - and it needs to happen at lightning speed to be considered by those who would buy from you or buy into you. Most women are missing a massive opportunity to increase their visibility using an image strategy as a superpower.  

This presentation reveals what it takes for a woman to “stand out” as the most authentic version of herself with a personal brand image that acts as a commercial for her business, career advancement and life. It offers clarity about the little-known elements of a total image and how they work together to create a magnetic presence that attracts others instantaneously. It always surprises women how much getting dressed for visibility is NOT about the outside world.  (Audience: Female Entrepreneurs, Professional & Influencers)

Growing confidence as a teen through a lifetime means "unfollowing" anything that does not align with becoming your best self.

Young people - especially young girls - live their life by social media without realizing the confidence-crushing influences that come into their "feed." 

This presentation opens their eyes to how checking, posting, and following their social media can actually prevent them from seeing their true gifts and talents that become the basis for life-long confidence. It then challenges them to look inside to find what they value most in life and asks them to be courageous about protecting their values by leaving behind - unfollowing - what does not serve them. (Audience: Young Women 13+)


Pulling from my entire background in personal brand marketing, image, confidence, entrepreneurship, mentorship, leadership and success coaching, let's design a message right for your event or group. Book a discovery session and we'll get to work on your message.



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Image For Business

If you are a business owner or team leader and the success of your organization rests on selling or providing a premium solution or product, the image of your team must instantly communicate trust or you are losing business. Michele can help.


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