The Voice of Confidence

Captivatingly commanding in delivery. Undeniably uplifting in message.

"There was a time when I was told my voice was too loud.

Now, I use it as my gift.”

With infectious enthusiasm and a talent for delivering passion-filled truth bombs, Michele has inspired local, international and virtual audiences to move one step closer to their best confidence.

"My goal is to shake up your thinking."

Michele’s aim with every audience is to:

  • Shift how you think about getting dressed and bust confidence-crushing "dress for success" myths.
  • Reveal the real reason image, confidence and success are tied together in the tightest way. 
  • Connect your ability to sell more, advance faster and create deeper loyalty of clients to creating a personal brand representation that accelerates the “Know-Like-Trust-Purchase” factor.
  • Help you discover refreshing self-love from dressing in confidence that when attached to a personal growth journey that refreshes your outlook on your life, health, relationships and opportunities.

"I'm ready for your conference, workshop, team meeting or mastermind."

Michele has spoken on Canadian and American stages and have appeared on countless virtual summits, online conferences, live interviews and broadcasts. 

Every appearance comes her signature thought-provoking, action-inspiring image philosophies, confidence lessons and tons of laugher mixed with "hard-truth" realness.

See my blog recap of the Gem Virtual Conference and my emotional call to action for racial equality.

Presentation Topics


How To Sell More, Recruit More & Achieve More As A Team

There is an "i" in team.  It's called "image". By activating an individual's personal brand, you boost the results of your entire team.

Learn how the fundamentals of personal branding applied to your team will improve customer service, tighten customer loyalty and speed up any sales process.

Let's chat about how we can supercharge your people's performance.



How To Start Your Road To More Success-Producing Confidence

Using Michele's book Show Up Confident as guide, learn how to kick-start a personalized confidence practice that sticks and supercharges your goals even after any "Insta" inspiration has worn off.

Learn a fool-proof framework for creating your own self-propelling motivation for your goals and how to create a personalized confidence-building practice that you can start using immediately.

Let's chat about how we can create a workshop or book club experience right for your group.


Custom Topics Available For:



How An Intentional Image Will Increase Your Pay-check

A Better Approach to Dressing for Success

The ABCs of a Powerful Personal Brand

Lead Your Day With Image Lead Your People With Confidence


The #1 Thing Your Customer Buys From You Before Any Money Changes Hands

The Best Way To Never Again Fear Self-Promotion & Networking

What Happens To Your Bottom Line When You Invest In Your Image

The Easiest Way To Empowered Selling 


My Top 5 Ridiculously Simple Yet Unbelievably  Overlooked Confidence Strategies for Women.

Change Who You See In The Mirror, Change Your Life (For Real)

Dream It, Dress For It, Do It!

Powerful Delivery with Infectious Enthusiasm

Michele is a reflection of everything she teaches those she works with. She is an amazing leader and teacher in life. Her professionalism will exceed any expectations you may have. Michele engages and connects to all of the clients she works with. She is an amazing speaker.

Dayanna Valenciano-Luna | Women's Transformational Coach - Florida, USA

A Highly Skilled Presenter

Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Your personal touch and “I care attitude” are beyond compare. I am so inspired to be a better, truer version of myself!

Lana Laine Lane | Workshop Participant - AB, Canada

An Amazing Leader & Teacher

Michele delivers a powerful message that inspires confidence and enthusiasm. She is a highly skilled presenter. As an accomplished image consultant, Michele has successfully motivated myself and many others to reconsider how we prepare ourselves for business and social events.

Terra Weaver | KT & Company | The Inspiring Women Conference - AB, Canada

5 out of 5 Participant Rating

Participants describe what they feel after learning from Michele: 

Inspired - Empowered - Excited - Relieved - Confident - Ready to be Better

A sampling of local and national organizations who have in Michele's message for their organizations and teams:

Speaking is my gift and I love to share it. 

I've been speaking to audiences since the age of 16 as a top, nationally-recognized debate competitor.  I used this gift to teach and inspire my high-achieving, award-winning sales organization that I mentored to multi 6-figure success. (What a blast!)

I've always enjoyed connecting with audiences large and small with contagious energy, #realtalk, and sometimes raw emotion.  

I have an ability to bring out the range of emotion from laughter to tears that prompts my audiences to shift perspective toward new action in their lives. (What magic!)

And sure, I've been recognized multiple times for my inspirational nature and proven entrepreneurship skills over my more than 2 decade award-winning career. (What an honor!)

But beyond the honors, I simply wish to leave a new thought behind that makes you want to move. Maybe you have an idea of how I can help your group do just that.

Let's explore working together!

I'll pull from my entire background in personal brand marketing, image, confidence, entrepreneurship, mentorship, leadership and success coaching, we'll get to work on your message.