Show Up Confident For Young Professionals

communication style community+giving back firstimpressions professional image speaking Jan 12, 2022
I always love talking to young people and professionals ready to start building their careers! I always share with them that I started doing what I do at the age of 17, helping my friends create resumes that would help them stand out to get a summer job.
I joke that I do so much of the same thing in my work today.
So when I was asked to speak to the Lakeland College Interior Design Technology students as a guest lecturer, I was thrilled.  
I shared this big truth with them:
 You need a powerful image before you can powerfully influence!
I then talked about why cultivating a strategic image is more important than ever in a world where the definition of "influence" has been watered down to likes, followers and views.
I explained that actual influence is a responsibility to achieve meaningful change. That happens faster when you have a personal brand image that supercharges your ability to build trust in others.
We talked about the five styles of influence as well as the five image essentials every excellent professional needs to weave their influence into to set themselves apart from their competition, whether they start businesses, go for promotions or lead teams.
[Think about if you know how to combine your appearance, body language, self-communication, digital presence and self-esteem into your ability to negotiate, persuade, inspire or lead others every day.]
When it comes to creating a lasting reputation as an individual of excellence, I taught them all 38 points they need to have nailed down to accelerate their careers with power.
With insightful questions that followed, the group shared a sentiment I believe many young people hold. "I'm terrified not to live up to expectations," one brave student shared.
My heart melted, and I offered that by starting early in their career aware of their authentic self's inner growth and matching it to their outer presentation, they will be farther ahead in easing those fears. I also shared one of my favorite MCG-sm from Show Up Confident,
And I helped them understand that any finish is a chance to learn whether we see it as a win or loss. Self-confidence is built from these finishes.
I had so much fun sharing my message and energy with these students, and judging from this group, the world is going to be in great hands!