Something’s Telling Me To “Listen!”

2020reflection inspiration journalling on my mind & heart Dec 16, 2020

The most important whispers in your quiet moments will be deafening.

I know better than to go against the whispers.

I have one right now saying, “It’s time to rest and listen.”

It’s what I’ve heard in my ear, in my writing, in my journal, in my talks with mentors, from my trusted advisors, even from my prayers.

When you crave rest, you're likely long overdue for it.

So. That’s what I will do.

This “Longest New Year’s Eve Reflection” blog will stop to help me reflect quietly, and I’m sure it will surface at least one last time before the year is out.

Keep following along but in the meantime, check to see if you are craving rest. It might be the perfect timing for you to do some “listening” too.

See y’all soon.


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