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What Happens Before You're Called To Stand Out

Having moments of anxiety just before you are called to stand out, are part of your growth. If your heart races and your breath shortens just before you know it's a moment to make your mark, you are right on track.

I felt like this - yes, me - last night when I hit "join meeting" for a live Zoom with members of the Border City Rotary Club where I was the guest speaker. My long-time...

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Fresh On My Mind & Heavy On My Heart: Racism [PODCAST]

Racism is real and has rocked our beliefs in recent weeks. In this episode, I share what’s fresh on my mind and heavy on my heart about racism as I see it, as I’ve experienced it and what to do next. It’s an off-the-cuff episode where I just turned the mic on and started talking. Links to my Instagram micro-blog posts mentioned in this episode are here:
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