That Sets You Free!



and there are so many considerations, choices and decisions ahead. You may be asking yourself...

Do I stay or quit my job?

Do I stop or start my business?

Do I walk away or stay put?

Do I build this relationship or let it go?

What's the next right step?

And at the same time, you're trying to figure all of that out, you're giving to others and trying to support the people around you. It feels like a lot and you're totally right. It is.

You probably even feel exhausted and disconnected from what actually makes you happy with the life ahead of you.

Well, heart-led lady, it's time to align this evolving woman and light the way to what's next.

Imagine knowing how to approach every task, relationship, to-do list and decision with purpose - with no self-doubt or second-guessing.

Imagine having a quiet, magic-kind of confidence that runs your life peacefully in the midst of a very loud world.

Now is the time to (no matter what's happening) strengthen your ability to know exactly what is right for you!

"When the world is loud, create your own peace." 

Couldn't you use a magic wand right now?

It would be so freeing to wave it to reveal "the why," everyone says you're supposed to know or tap it to find "your purpose," everyone says you are supposed to live by.


The problem with all of the "live your best life" chatter is that it's not tailored to your path.

It sounds inspiring in an instant but that inspiration fades before new action can take over leaving you wondering - how do make my growth and happiness stick!

I have your magic wand!

It's a not fleeting inspiration, it's a tool that moves you out of comparison and looking through the lens of others and into the focus of your own heart and path. 

It uses your deepest gifts, your truest talents, your clearest purpose at this time in your life, and focuses you on who you serve after you heal and honor yourself.

All you need to do is learn to unveil and use this magic!

You have so much more to offer the world but when you're overwhelmed, it's hard to claim it.

Let's wipe away that overwhelm and put the power back in your hands because everything that comes next for you rests on who you commit to becoming.

I'm Michele Charles Gustafson!

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Some call me MCG.
I've spent more than 25 years helping women grow inside so they can shine outside. I've helped thousands own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true.

I'm an award-winning Certified Master Life Coach in life-coaching, goal-coaching, purpose-coaching, success-coaching and happiness-coaching. I've made my biggest client transformations combining this with my personal branding expertise as a Certified Image Consultant with my mentorship platform of Hue and Style®.

I design winning processes and programs that help personal-growth-focused change-makers reclaim their confidence in their self-worth, unique message, and true purpose. Step-by-step my participants and elite clients learn to uncover their inner “magic confidence” and align it with a magnetic image presence; all so they can make a greater impact on others.

I bring a charismatic results-driven approach to transforming your idea of "living your best life" and presenting yourself to the world, showing how the combination of a self-discovery process along with image and personal brand marketing principles can fuel accelerated momentum to your goals that leave a legacy.

Imagine what happens when you spark new confidence with me as your guide.





Welcome to my introductory confidence coaching for growth-focused, heart-lead women preparing to love their next season of success...

In our 30 days together, you will learn to

  • Design your powerful statement of purpose that becomes your "Confidence Compass" and works in every part of your life including your motherhood, wellness, relationships and joy -not just your career or business. Perfect for women who want to make every new choice or decision from their most powerful heart-led confidence.
  • Learn my repeatable framework for finding meaning in life's transitions so you can make decision that fit your growth and desires giving you more self-propelled motivation.
  • Develop a "Meaningful Outcome" road-map strategy for your next 3 months for the life area you want to develop confidence the most right now.

Here's what you get in this experience with me:

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Live Coaching Sessions

Live sessions after your initial free discovery session. We'll meet three times in total. Session recordings included.

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A Life-Defining Purpose Statement

Using Michele's exclusive process, you'll design a powerfully practical statement of how to tap into and use the best of your gifts, talents and presence to help yourself and others.

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A Life-Aligning Decision Framework

Learn Michele's repeatable process for choosing what is right for you in your business, your career and relationships. Never second-guess your choices with this Magic Confidence® formula for staying assertive and happy.

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Additional Support

I toss in a bonus masterclass, an audio session and a signed copy of my book too!

Excited? Book A FREE Confidence Potential Call

On your free discovery call, we'll see if we have a fit to work together. If we do, I will explain how your investment choices and how it all works. This is an introductory coaching package in my mentorship platform.

Book Your


This 30-minute call is FREE for the woman who is:

  • Eager to explore personal growth with a coach & mentor.
  • Believes in the value of investing in self-development.
  • Urgent about creating new confidence in herself because it creates change in everything around her.

If that's you...


Imagine Your Beautiful Outcome...

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Yvette M.

I saw the change in the first day. It feels empowering to be able to articulate what my gifts, talents and values are. I am using my gifts intentionally everyday. It's freeing.

Tampa, Florida, USA

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I only accept a few clients each season to this experience. 

Book your call to see if it's right for you to take you into your new season of success.


Frequently Asked Questions

My Dad always used to say...

"There ain't no time to waste!"

If you feel that way about living a bliss-filled, purposeful, and confident life, let's jump in!