The #1 Thing You're Missing

That Makes Your Personal Brand Magnetic 

(and helps people want to know you, choose you, buy from you and buy into you.)
➛ Feel stuck wondering if you’re coming across the right way?
➛ Procrastinate putting yourself out there in front of new people confidently?
➛ Worried you are invisible when you see others grabbing the opportunities you know are meant for you? 

Not to worry, I've got an answer that you wouldn't expect.

I'm ready to start right now, Michele!

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Here's What's Possible...

FEARLESS and own your unique message then use it to share, promote and teach what you love without feeling sales-y or pushy.
MAGNETIC and attract the exact right clients, collaborations and opportunities that use your gifts, talents and expertise, and when you need to, be assertive enough to say "no" unapologetically without an ounce of guilt or regret.
A LEADER who is an authentic example to others crushing every last bit of imposter syndrome.
A WALKING COMMERCIAL for your greatness and how you serve others which makes you unforgettably captivating to your audience and gets you chosen.

To do all of this, you'll need the element that 99% of women don't have defined. You'll need to master your


Start in this workshop! It's a workshop and a challenge that helps you take the first steps to change.

You will learn and work on:

The Truth About The 'Know-Like-Trust' Concept

Learn why this buzz-wordy cliche is misleading you and why it's more important than ever to know the real meaning and use it in the right way.

How To Stand Out In Any Competitive Environment

Find out the expert way to command the right kind of attention that makes you magnetically approachable and absolutely unforgettable to your ideal audience.

The Most Important (and Overlooked) Thing To Master For Your Trust Factor

Get what 99% of women don't know they need to master to 10x their visibility and accelerate trust with the ideal audience that builds their business, career, team or organization.

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Here's what you're going to get inside:


Over 60 minutes of learning with Michele as your expert.


Deep-diving, interactive homework to help you determine your current Trust Factor level.


Get ample time to learn, reflect, shift and change with a few surprise resources tossed in.


An additional opportunity to see what is possible when master your image-confidence and personal brand at the same time.

Total Value $97

I'm in, Michele!

Hi! I'm Michele Charles Gustafson.

(Yup, with one "L"!)

I’ve been helping women stand out for more than 22 years!

I’ve helped thousands of women own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true.

I'm the creator of Hue And Style® where I do my most transformative work with my clients as a Certified Image & Color Consultant, Certified Life Coach, Personal Branding Expert and award-winning International Confidence Mentor, and if you remember nothing else about me, I teach women that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that how you see yourself in the mirror either fuels or stalls your self-esteem, business, career, and relationship goals. With decades of success combining self-development clarity, personal branding strategies, image consulting concepts, and personal styling techniques, I'm here to help you renew your self-belief through your image and show up confidently for everything you want to create. 

That can begin right now with this step.

Yes! Michele, I'm ready!

What Participants Are Saying About The Very First Lesson:

If you're a women ready to amplify your visibility and accelerate your vision,
If you're stepping into the acceptance that there's no time to waste to serve your purpose,
If your'e excited to take the first step to owning your authenticity and leading other with it,

The Trust Factor Workshop is for you!

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