How To Never Run Out Of Courage To Show Up As A Leader

confidence inspiration leadership professional image speaking Apr 27, 2024

It’s easy really: work, live, share, give, speak from your passion. Easier said than done, you say? Nah. You see, when you know your values and vision with crystal clear certainty, the world will respond with welcoming opportunities! 

I got to live and share this message with the physician community at the Memorial Hermann Health Services Women In Medicine conference.

The room (and the Zoom room, too) was filled with women committed to getting results for their patients and teams. I shared how I grew up “medical adjacent” πŸ˜† with my dad as a dentist and what he taught me about being a leader in healthcare, including what health professionals really “sell” beyond care and treatment plans.

We talked about the unique way women can put H.E.L.I.U.M. (those who are there now) into their daily confidence to become the leaders they are meant to be.  

The number one way to never run out of courage to stand out as a leader is to daily renew your commitment to your values, vision and connect it to your unique personal brand and voice. Remembering that leading by example is the most powerful influencer to your people.

What a delight to watch their shoulders roll back and for them to stand taller as they got out and face their vocation with new vitality.

After these events I can never wait until the next time I get to work, live, share, give, speak from my passion again. 

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