How To Embrace Your Summer Season

change+transition confidence entrepreneurship women Jun 28, 2023

Summer is a season, a vibe, a state of mind and style of expression. ⁣⁣

Our summer is so short here in Northern Alberta that we have to get out and live it up before the snow flies again! And that fact always gets me into a reflective mode:⁣

Summer is a time that reminds me that life is short, seasons are temporary, vibes need resetting, changes of state are part of growth, and styles change, so expressing myself with truth has to evolve too. ⁣

Here’s how to embrace the season so that by Fall, you are ready to level up your confidence for more:⁣

Dive into the Unknown.⁣

Just like jumping into a cold pool on a hot summer day, try something new, even if it feels a little scary at first and even if it's a small step it builds self-belief. This can make you feel proud and excited about life, just like how summer makes you feel full of energy and happiness!⁣

Own your Story.⁣

Have you ever kept a diary or written a story? It's like having a conversation with yourself. It helps you understand your feelings and thoughts better. This can help you feel stronger. Just like how a beloved book comforts you, your words can comfort and guide you too.⁣

Shine Bright.⁣

Yes, it’s been said, but it’s true: you are unique, and that's your superpower! Let your true authenticity shine in every way you present yourself. Did you know that even picking your favourite summer dress tells a lot about what makes you happy? ⁣

If you're unsure about who you are or what you want, that's okay! Reach out to people you trust or seek help from books, online resources or best yet, expert mentors. Discovering yourself is a journey. Stay curious and open, like a blooming sunflower welcoming the summer sun. ⁣

Have a courage-filled, adventurous and beautiful summer, and maybe I can help you achieve those dreams you’ve got come fall!

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