4 Ways To Uplift Your Confidence Now

We all need a reset button - for confidence, in our closets, and sometimes for both at the same time.
How do you do it?  Are you intentional about it?
If you've been with me for any time, you’ll know I hit my own reset button a few times a year in a few different ways. At these times of celebration and reflection, I sit back in a quiet moment and marvel at what power...
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Women Change The World With Their Confidence [Podcast]

It's been a while since I met you all on the 'cast. It simply took some inspiration about the importance and urgency of women owning their confidence to bring me back so I could share a poem.
We'll see where releasing this short episode takes me next.
The world feels upside down and the only thing that sets it right in my opinion is women who are confident enough to do...
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