How To Make New Choices That Conquer Fear

change+transition confidence inspiration mindset Jun 20, 2020

I've been quiet all week. If you think it's a result of the pandemic and the civil rights momentum, you're wrong. Understandably, you'd think this though since it's what is on everyone's mind and heart. But now, it's something more significant than the events of the world (plus I've been out in the wilderness with almost no cell service).

I've been quiet because of the push and pull that appears whenever change tests us: Fear And Love.

I've been quiet because I've been settling my heart between these two.

Fear produces anxiety and makes you feel like you're under attack. It changes your physiology - heart races, thoughts go to anger, and fight or flight kicks in.

Love is different. It's soft, calm, makes space for slowness, offers grace, and seeks possibilities.

I've been quiet because I've been resetting my heart to love. I've had to do it before at other times in my life, and when I could feel the creep of Fear come up lately, I knew I had to revisit how I reset my energy, my intention, and my confidence.

For any decision, choice, or triggering stimulus, I start to ask, "Michele…
…what in yourself can you love here?
…how can you show love to yourself here?
…to whom can you offer love?
…in what way can you give love?
…how can you make this decision out of love?
…how can you turn disappointment into love?
…how can you leave fear and be love?"

These questions help me give grace to those I once gave anger and help me detach from distractions that keep me from reconnecting to the meaningful outcome I'm here to deliver.

Maybe, right now, you've been pulled between Fear and Love. You'll know what I mean if you have. You'll recognize the feelings - the anxiety, the heart racing vs. the soft, the calm. If you've there, remember my advice - detachment from distraction and reconnection to your purpose.

CLICK HERE if this note resonated with you and let me know how you're going to start making the shift. This tiny MCG assignment is for my clients and email community alike. I'll read every response I get. That's how I'm showing love right at this moment, today.

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