Hunters Not Gatherers with Sabine & Lisa | Podcast Interview

aboutmichele featured in hue and style philosophy personalgrowth podcast guest appearance Feb 25, 2020

It was an honor to be a guest on my new fellow podcaster's show. Sabine and Lisa are warm, down-to-earth, real women who are genuinely interested in helping women hear unique stories of other women and their journeys in life.

In my episode, we talked about my origin story and of course my "dress in confidence" philosophy that I see as my mission to share with women as a better way to present yourself.

I share how my diverse background in package goods marketing, personal development, and business coaching were the "breadcrumbs" that led to finding my calling.  That calling is to help women to reclaim their confidence. I believe dressing starts from a transformation of our minds - and is so much more than the clothes we wear.

In this episode, we talk about:

    • The importance of turning inwards and checking with ourselves first.
    • Why mindset matters and reminds us that confidence comes from completion. 
    • How she got through the 'sad times' in her life. 
    • How to shop effectively.

You'll find out what I mean about the difference between "hunters and gatherers" and a few other surprising revelations about how I came to do what I do, plus how you can start seeing yourself differently through the mirror.