The One Thing I Wish All Women Knew About Confidence-Building

change+transition confidence keynote women May 10, 2024
If there's one thing I wish all women knew, it would be to realize that confidence building is a life-long discipline. 
Think about the "disciplines" you have in your life - exercise, your work job, even your marriage or parenting skills - they all take tools and practice those tools. Your confidence is similar.
This week, I was honored to be welcomed by my client Barb Kerr as the guest keynote speaker for her annual women's gala. Wonderful organizations working in her community sponsored my travel and fees so that the women of Parry Sound, Ontario, could find a new way to see themselves differently after a night together.
And oh, a night it was!
Barb has been my client for 3+ years, and we had never met in person until the day before the gala when I surprised her at the venue as she arrived to set up. Have you ever experienced the pure joy of finally meeting someone you've mentored through some of the most challenging losses in their lives and FINALLY hugging them in real life? It's a feeling of exhilaration, joy, comfort, satisfaction and peace. There were more than a few minutes of "tears of truth" as our hearts recalled the fullness of our mentorship relationship and love. There is nothing like this feeling.
Fast-forward to the next day when Barb arrived to host her gala in the most welcoming French Blue from her Hue and Style® palette. I was in awe of how she chose her color psychology for the intention of the room of women she would lead with her piano playing to her inspirational talk on finding one's intuition to help lead a life that "feels right and great." She was their leader that night, and I was proud to watch her guide and give her best.
My talk complemented her message as I shared with the women the three little-known magic sparkles it takes to change your closet into a home for your clothes into a place for self-discovery. And no, it's not a fashion tip. It's so much more. However, I gave them my 8-Minute Image Confidence Makeover to try the following day, which would help them activate what makes a personal style transform into an anchor of your brand and expression of your true self for your life.
There was every age and stage of a woman in the room, from young professionals just starting to moms in the midst of juggling roles to a 99-year-old gem of a lady who had to come up to me at the end of my talk and tell me she loved my message and that "attitude, gratitude, love, light, and laughter" were the keys to her long life and getting through anything hard. I held her hand and thanked her for her elder words.
Another lady gripped my wrist as I walked through the tables and shared in a very resolute tone:
"Thank you, Michele, for your speech. From this moment on, I'm not comparing myself to others I see out there. I'm resolving right now to find out more about what makes me, Me!" 
I breathed in her words like it was the last breath I'd take. That is why I do what I do for the women I'm blessed to be put in front of, to help them show up more freely than ever, and I am so grateful.
I traveled home floating. I was lifted by what the women who shared with me said after my talk: "affirming, inspiring, uplifting, and energizing." Perfect. I always aim to help women find more balance as they go through the phases of finding new confidence.
Thank you to the PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise and Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts for sponsoring Barb's event so I could spend the evening on the shores of Georgian Bay.
You can start a beginner's journey with me here if you're inspired to grow into your confidence-building discipline.

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