Immediately Improve Your Ability To Accept A Compliment

body image confidence imageprinciple mayconfidencebloom selflove May 15, 2023

How do you accept compliments from strangers? 

Do you squirm or dismiss them with a diminutive comment like, “Oh, this old thing,” or “Oh, you just caught on a good day?”  Do you avert eye contact and wish the moment of a spotlight would pass so you could quit feeling so uncomfortable?

Yep. That’s what most women do. 

In my client universe of Hue and Style® women, we see compliments differently.

You see, when you are “dressed in confidence” as a Hue and Style® woman, and someone passes a compliment on your appearance, performance or nature, we know they are actually seeing something other than “good fashion” or a “trendy color.”

They are seeing alignment!

Of what, you ask?

Of our nature, our personality, our personal brand message, what we want others to know and feel about us, our mood, our self-acceptance, our joy and our self-expression of all of that. 

When you've dressed with alignment people are seeing, perceiving and complimenting visual vibrancy matched with your inner intention.

When you know this and practice intentional, strategic and consistent "dressing in confidence." you can accept what they see with a simple, enthusiastic “thank you.”

No qualification, justification, or “this old thing,” just a simple thank you, and you mean it while you drink in the compliment, knowing that it’s an affirmation of your truest self because you crafted it from the most authentic part of you. 

I wore this dress to our Mother’s Day family get-together and when the women of our family when "garagesale-ing". I picked up a few gems and a ton of compliments, accepting them one by one, intentionally and thoughtfully, just like I teach my clients. In a way, we know feeds our self-acceptance and confidence and never an egotistical vanity. 

When was the last time you felt free to accept 4, 6, 8 or 10 compliments on one day and really, deep down, accept them as a reflection of your best?

That’s the truest kind of confidence there is - and the kind #HueAndStyle women own. (Proud of you, Gems.)

By now, you can see that immediately improving your ability to accept a compliment is not an instant solution at all. It's a commitment to know yourself, your worth and what you want to express to get that alignment just right. (And if you've gone through a big change or transition, you'll need this even more)

In a nutshell, improve your core self-acceptance, starting with who you see in the mirror, and you'll be on the road to accepting what others see in you too.

If you find it hard to accept compliments, it’s a signal for an opportunity to grow in your own self-acceptance. 

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