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Connect With Those Who See Your Light And Celebrate Your Flame

mindset quotes selflove Mar 05, 2020

"Connect with those who see your light and celebrate your flame."

Many may see your light but not all will celebrate your flame.

[Pause on that.]

Connect with those who not only ‘see you’ but champion you. Cherish them. Share this with them if you like and let them know you appreciate them in your life. It never hurts to share your gratitude. There is power in it.

To your...

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Confidence is Self-Love in Action

mindset quotes selflove Feb 14, 2020

"Confidence is self-love in action."

Whether you are aware or not, you are serving someone - every day with every choice you make. No matter what your role. Are you intentional about who that is and what you offer them?

I've experienced that when we get very clear about what Magic we bring to those we serve AND use it, everything falls into place - we no longer question ourselves or our...

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[In-Joy Series] Your Body Is A Gift.

 “My Jeans Don’t Fit!” There was a time this would have sent me into a body-hate tailspin after a vacation.

There was a time I would have let the number on the tag define how I loved or loathed my body.

There was a time I would have punished myself with joyless exercise and deprivation-style eating to “get back into” my jeans.

Those times no longer exist for...

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Get Quite & Be Your Own Muse

Quiet. Shhhhhhh..... you can’t hear yourself if you’re listening to everyone else.

I used to listen to a lot of voices that weren’t my own. I had a belief running rampant that if I wasn’t ‘out front talking all the time’ than what I give wasn’t as valuable or important. Wrong (of course). I’ve got a roster of extraordinary women I’ve helped...

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A New Way To Think About Personal Growth

I believe in Personal Alchemy.

Alchemy is the ability to turn something “basic” into something more “precious.” The idea is usually reserved for the turning of metals into gold but for me, it’s helping my people turn a self-doubt-laden, obligation-driven life into a personal growth-powered, purpose-filled journey. To me, that’s Personal Alchemy.

You see,...

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The Most Beautiful Way To See Yourself Differently


The most beautiful way to see yourself differently through the eyes of another who believes in you. Here is what happened to me.

In the last weeks, I’ve felt some old demons arise. I am not immune. I have dips too. Gratefully, I have a rock-solid way to turn the dip into a climb.

The cycle of dip-climb-soar happens over and over for everyone. No one can avoid it, but the most...

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