I didn't see this coming.

confidence creativity joinme journalling life+style mental health resilience substack May 31, 2024

I have a habit of overcomplicating things.

It's a vice I've had since I was small, born from a need to measure up and create the best productivity and results.  A self-doubt lion that, though I have learned to tame, rears its head now and then.

Hello, lion.

Over the past month, I've been craving to write more and realized I missed doing my #mayconfidencebloom challenge with my community this year since I was traveling with talks, getting over illness and working with new clients.  That time in May, I used to let my creative writing, storytelling and summer season unfold in micro-blogs, mini-podcasts and other subscriber-only bits.

The longing helped me notice something else.  That lion named "Overcomplicate" seems to wake up from its slumber when I haven't used my creativity in a while - usually due to busyness or focus outside myself. She's awake. I feel her.

Once I recognized the reason I was feeling this way, I went about trying to figure out how to fix it, and that's when Overcomplicate really started running at me.  Trust me, and I had created half of a whole new framework, complete with email sequence, when in my morning meditation today, I just heard from somewhere else (I think Overcomplicate was still cat-napping), "Keep it simple. Make it sustainable. Release the outcome."


Those words fell out of my mind and onto the page of my journal in my favorite spot in my darkened room.  This exact spot is where I get my best inspirations, where I wrote Show Up Confident, where I conduct my first sessions with new clients and now, where I hear this message loud and clear. And because this familiar space has produced such inspired messages and results in myself and others, I trust the messages that come here.  So, I am now.

I'm tip-toeing so that Overcomplicate stays asleep, and I am typing this story to you now while it's still fresh with the inspiration of how I want to start my summer season with creative confidence and how you can join me if you'd like a refresh or reset yourself.

I'm keeping it simple, and I'm releasing the outcome. Read on!

What I'll be doing:

I'll be pulling a prompt a least once a week and writing or sharing about it. That's it.

My sharing could be a micro-blog, a mini-podcast, a drawing or something else creative that I dream up. The point is to follow my creative lead as I begin my summer season.


How you can join:

Use the prompt I pull for your own journal, creativity, dressing intention or action-taking step that day. Share with me in the comments what you did if you like. I'll be doing a lot of listening over the month of June too, and will enjoy your comments.

But… if you really want to dive in, pull your own prompt for your day.  Those who have been with me for a while know how this works.  From a whirling sequence of prompts, you simply screenshot when it feels right and voila! You have your prompt for the day. 


Here's what you need to do today:

  • Subscribe to where I'm sharing. SUBSCRIBE ON SubStack. (You may want to even download the app for easy reading).
  • Turn on emails & notifications from the app so you don't miss my posts.
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That's it.

The lesson in this story is clear to me. That lion named "Overcomplicate" will steal your best intentions if you let her. For creative people, helpers, healers and those who work on, in or through people, keeping things simple, meaningful and authentically connected is how you renew yourself.

I feel freer already. You may join me and feel it, too. Those meant for the journey will find me here, tip-toe past their own lion's den, and click here to join me!