Kill The Fear Of Being Judged This Way

confidence hue and style philosophy personalbranding personalgrowth Jun 18, 2024
The moment I realized that people would judge you by your looks was when our family moved to a place where we were the only visible minority for years in our small town. 
From that feeling of isolation and judgment, I also learned that I could direct their judgments about me. Actually, everyone has that power.
And now? Every day? I empower those who lead, transform, help, and heal others to connect to those they benefit from that first judgment. 
They feel bright, beautiful and boldly themselves - proud to share their authority and gifts.
(And there is no better feeling, wouldn't you agree?)
Is that fear of being judged the right way a roadblock in your way? It’s time to say goodbye to it so you can say hello to your most confident self doing the best work!
You may need to see what's possible to dream a little bigger. Great news! Let me show you that dressing is more than just clothes and that "being seen" is more than showing up on social. It starts inside you.
Find out how to do it all. WATCH HERE: