Lessons Learned After A Confidence Reset [PODCAST]

change+transition mental health mindset podcast Nov 29, 2022


I'm sharing lessons over the last couple of years as I find a personal "reset button" on how I share my message and live a life of crystal clear intention. This one's personal. Find out what I mean when I share:
 Quiet confidence is the most potent influencer and yet the hardest to claim.❞ ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾
I'm also setting the stage for how I will use this space for my voice going forward. I hope you'll join me or return to the 'cast along with me.
Links For More:
My Book (Show Up Confident): http://www.showupconfident.com/
See others just like you who have mastered my image-confidence process in my mentorship: https://www.hueandstyle.com/clients
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