A New Way To Think About Personal Growth

confidence inspiration personalgrowth selflove May 02, 2019

I believe in Personal Alchemy.

Alchemy is the ability to turn something “basic” into something more “precious.” The idea is usually reserved for the turning of metals into gold but for me, it’s helping my people turn a self-doubt-laden, obligation-driven life into a personal growth-powered, purpose-filled journey. To me, that’s Personal Alchemy.

You see, you’ve got your own “periodic table of elements” - your talents, your gifts, your message, your voice - that when combined with rock solid, authentic sureness-of-self can make your life joyful, happy and successful exactly as you define it for those you serve.

When you know how to use your personal alchemy - rooted in a growing, evolving confidence - you can create anything, touch more and change more lives. It all starts with how you see yourself, Gal. I don’t believe in “faking it til you make it.” The magic of who you are gets lost in that notion. “Being, doing and learning” is the only way to true freedom.

If you could look at yourself in the mirror, love who you see and act from genuine self-love-powered purpose every day, what more could you create? How much more easily could you accept the lead? How much more deeply could you make an impact?

Do you believe in Personal Alchemy?