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Pantone, the color authority, has released their Color Of The Year 2022, and it's a vibrant and uplifting periwinkle that matches our collective optimism: Very Peri
Pantone describes Very Peri as "a dynamic periwinkle blue hue with a vivifying violet-red undertone that blends the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red." 
Standing in my own Hue and Style® Universe with a method of connecting color psychology to personal values, expression, and personal brand impact, here's my take:


I teach my clients from the three tiers of aspirational color influence; this hue offers us a literal breath of fresh air right when we all need it. Of the five influencing outcomes in Hue and Style® Color Power psychology, Very Peri as a violet-red influences us to use our persuasive qualities to inspire others; and our collective wisdom to create new possibilities.
"This hue calls each of us to own our wisdom, trust our forward vision and take others with us toward good!" ~MCG


All hues are not perfect for all skin tones. Every hue has characteristics that either harmonize with your natural features or compete with them. 
Very Peri is a harmony of the warmest, cool purple being a blue with red-violet undertones.  It is most suited to complexions that favor those with dominantly Light and Cool characteristics;  though color analysis seasons with dominantly Deep, Soft or Warm characteristics have slight value and chroma variations on the hue. Use your custom version in the "hot zone" so you don't make an unflattering grey shadow under the chin, around the eyes or at the mouth. 


Very Peri is our hope, optimism and longing for the freedom of expression "bottled" in a color.  It comes at the perfect time as we all emerge from a disconnecting and confusing time.
It encourages us to act with thoughtful, purpose-filled individualism that serves the greater good and to lend trust in each other and our collective potential.
It also reminds us to enjoy the process of creating what is new and next in our evolution.  None of us has been at a time like this in history. 
Very peri is a chance to embrace the new blossoming possibilities.
I see a "beauty in change" message in this 2022 hue selection.
Now, my image consultant, color expert and confidence coach challenge for you:
Instead of just "wearing" this color, how will you use its message to expand your voice? How will you use it with deeper intent to offer new clarity and bridge new understanding to lead - be it in your business, organization, or community?
Not sure how? Not sure if you can wear it or if it's right for you? That's my expertise. 
Combining personalized color analysis, the use of color psychology for influence, and values-filled style as part of a complete image strategy will amplify your visibility authentically. If you're ready for that kind of superpower to make your next impact, find out how I can help you put all the pieces together here.

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