How To Succeed At Any Personal Growth Journey

confidence featured in news+media success Oct 23, 2019

We’re all in this life to grow. Humans long to be better, get better, and live better that’s growth. Personal growth is what each of us wants to know that we’re improving, and there are all sorts of ways to get it. The world is loud about it, and the self-improvement industry has become a $10 billion industry. Coaches, consultants, courses, certifications are all ways to help you explore yourself more deeply. We want it. We crave it, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start.

The most powerful personal growth is about three things: improving character, developing resiliency, and claiming self-acceptance. Think about it that way first. Usually, the craving for it comes at a transition point in life – a new beginning, an ending, a triumph, or a defeat. At these crossroads of life, we feel a need to rediscover and redefine meaning in our lives. Read the full article at THRIVE GLOBAL....