The 2 Things You Need To Attract What You Desire

confidence inspiration quotes selflove Jul 07, 2021

Self-love helps you attract what you desire. Confidence helps you claim it. 

One thing comes before the other before success.

Self-love helps you raise what you believe you deserve, but confidence "the sureness of self and that self-value is actually the thing that helps you turn that self-love into action to claim it.

You need both - one before the other. Do them both at the same time, and success comes at lightning speed.

Not only have I see it happen more times than I can count in my decades as a confidence and success coach, but I also help my clients actually do it every day they get dressed and use that power to claim every success they deserve.  Click the "Work With Me" tab to found out my one-of-a-kind way of helping you own this powerful connection - while you dress in the best style of your life!