Don't Fall For This 'Style Tip' Type

confidence fashion hue and style philosophy style Aug 06, 2019

 The “every girl, video, blog”. You’ve seen them. My question to you is... but ‘do you?’ I’ll be the first to help you see the answer is “no”. When it comes to personal style, it’s not possible for “every girl to need ___”. Why? Because personal style is.....PERSONAL.

Here’s a flip that has created the biggest transformations in style and confidence mindset in women I work with that has allowed them to not just showcase their authentic selves with what they wear but to deeply own their space in the world and the outcome they give others; Every girl needs...purpose ATTACHED to their personal style.


Yes. Knowing the reason why you get up, get dressed, stand out from the crowd, voice a new opinion, put your hat in the ring, risk being misunderstood is the key to aligning what you wear with your beautiful purpose.

It’s not just about what is cute this season if you want to Dress In Confidence. It’s about committing to show up as your truest self with a process that honors who you are every single day you get dressed.

It’s what I do every day for my Hue And Style women; personal style anchored in personal confidence that doesn’t need crowd-following, trend-hopping or blind-shopping but DOES need a deep readiness to discover yourself and express it.

If you had that kind of superpower, what would you stand out and up for in your life, Gal? What greatness would you dare to claim?