What Sunsets & Confident People Have In Common

change+transition confidence mindset on my mind & heart Nov 15, 2022

This sunset was real — with no filter.⁣

It took my breath away. ⁣

It’s vibrant, bursting, awe-inspiring yet…⁣


Sunsets remind us that nothing is permanent; that everything (and everyone) must change, and that release is glorious because it gives way to hope for what’s next — a sunrise.⁣

That said, there’s a bigger call-to-action for those who want to be totally heart-led and purposeful with the way they use their lives…⁣

It’s up to us to pause, put ourselves in the moment, and soak up the wonder of what’s to come.⁣

That’s what I did in this very moment my daughter captured this Jamaican sunset because in just 2 minutes time after this picture, the sun dipped below the horizon and the sky turned Ultraviolet (one of my favourites hues that carries so much meaning).⁣

I’ll be writing about the hue, Ultraviolet, and an important color psychology-driven lesson about it that you can use as you start thinking about the end of your year. It’s only be available in my my Weekly Journal newsletter that goes out Saturday mornings. Sign up now below so you don't miss my notes!