The Most Important Time Of Your Year

confidence inspiration mindset quotes May 09, 2019

Mother Nature has seasons. You have seasons to your life. Flowing with them can feel like a crazy transition but look on the bright side, firstly, you’re not alone, and secondly, you can learn to navigate them when you know how to use them in your favor and define what is the most important time of your year - for you.

It took me a long time to learn this gem of a lesson.  For most of my life, I was an achieve-at-all-costs-type-A barreling through every season of life.  It wrecked me and sent me straight to depression.   When I saw that my life, work, business, relationship - everything - had seasons, I felt freer.  

Here’s what I learned:  

Your definition of success determines your seasons.

There are six definitions of success I work with my confidence mindset mentorship clients, and I’ll tell you, only one is money. I’ll also tell you that most women don’t care about a pile of money, they want it for different reasons having to do with the other five definitions.  When you are clear on your definition of success, your season seems to have more meaning.  

You can use your seasons as a superpower.  

For my work, I have an enrolment season and a creative season.  In my Enrolment Season, I welcome new women into the Hue and Style family pouring my most significant energy into their breakthroughs in the image-confidence transformation part of their work with me to help them start achieving their goals.

Then, when I close enrolment, like to just did last week, I move into my Creative Season. It's a time where I dive hard into re-imagining how I help my existing and advanced confidence-mindset mentorship clients. It’s also where I create my new offerings, programs and embrace new energy for the coming months.

And then I have a Rest Season - oh, that one is good. For this Type-A-In-Recovery, the Rest Season was the most difficult to adopt, but I have found over the 20+ years as an entrepreneur, it is essential to my personal growth and the exponential growth of my business especially over the last few years.  

That’s what I’ve learned.  

Have you seen your own seasons in your life? Are you aware of what drives them? Are you using them as a superpower?

I’ll leave you with an invitation…. If you want to know what my Rest Season looks like, stay with me over on Instagram. For now, see if you can determine yours.

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