Wear A Dress & Change Your Self-Belief

confidence fashion getupanddressed hue and style philosophy style Mar 06, 2022
Dresses can change how much you believe in yourself! It's true! Research shows that how you think you look in your clothing is tied to how you take on your day. If you know your best dress, you will know you look great!
Here's why the science goes with the "dressing" (see what I did there 😉 ):
  • The right dress will flatter all 16 measurements and proportions of your body that make you look and feel great in your clothes, no matter the size on the tag. (That's the dressing part)
  • When you see proportion flattery and balance in the mirror, it changes the characteristics you associate with yourself. (That's the psychology science part)
That's how wearing the right dress can change how much you believe in yourself!
And guess what...
EVERYONE has a dress that flatters them. (If you're saying that you hate them because no one makes one that fits you, you're wrong. You simply haven't found the right one with all of your 16 criteria in mind.) Your perfect dress exists!
Isn't it worth finding it to kick that self-belief into high gear?
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