Get Quite & Be Your Own Muse

confidence mindset personalgrowth selflove Jul 12, 2019

Quiet. Shhhhhhh..... you can’t hear yourself if you’re listening to everyone else.

I used to listen to a lot of voices that weren’t my own. I had a belief running rampant that if I wasn’t ‘out front talking all the time’ than what I give wasn’t as valuable or important. Wrong (of course). I’ve got a roster of extraordinary women I’ve helped built on this ‘apparent quietness’ to prove it.

I’ve learned and embraced that when there is power in the silence and intention in the solitude, there is time for focus and new creativity. There is also opportunity and space to develop more so that what you do give when you step out to be visible is the deepest, most authentically powerful version of a meaningful outcome possible.

It’s a freeing shift but takes courage to make it and discipline over time to practice it.

So, shhhhhh, go quiet. The world is loud and ranty. That will never fill you up even if it sounds “inspirational”. The true inspiration is already inside you but you can’t hear your own gems if you’re listening for what the world of others are saying you need to see, do, or be to find your own voice. Be your own muse, My Dear. And watch what happens!

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