The Best Way To Achieve Body Love

body image confidence personalgrowth selflove Mar 31, 2022

It's that time of year again, spring, which means summer is just around the corner! What do you say to yourself in the mirror when it's time to show more skin?

Do you look in the mirror and see the lumps and bumps first?

Do you pull and tug at the loose skin that came from carrying your kids?

Have you gone on diets and fitness plans to lose the inches to get into that “size number” that tells you you're "back to my best" or good enough?

Or, do you just convince yourself that no one makes clothes for your body shape because nothing seems to fit - and you find whatever thing will cover up every thing?

Did I get it right, or did I miss something? 

I’ve been exactly where you are. In fact, it's why I started this work and this business to help other women. I was in the midst of my own depression and was attacking my body because I didn't know how to reconcile big changes in my life.

Let me give you some relief. Learning how to work with your body, fit your clothes, see yourself as beautiful (truly) and dress with complete confidence comes from a process, not by accident.

Once I figured out the formula back in 2012 for myself, I started to share it, and it worked for women over and over and over. This formula is a cornerstone of my Hue And Style process.

Because the truth is:

  • “They” DO make clothes for your body.
  • You DON’T have to lose inches to look and feel beautiful and confident in your clothes.
  • It IS possible to forget that you even have lumps, bumps and loose skin and to just slip into a fantastic outfit AND to tell YOURSELF you are beautiful and worthy - and to believe it.
When I work with my clients on renewing their love of their bodies, It’s not done in the way you think. You don’t just say, “Hey, Body, I love you!” and it’s done.


The best way to achieve body love is to see your body in a non-emotional way of geometry.

My clients learn to see their bodies as a collection of geometric shapes, lines, and proportions (16+ measurements to be exact) that remove the love-hate and replace it with powerful frameworks to create balance no matter what their size. It’s freeing.

Size 10, size 16, size 20W - it doesn't matter. Imagine feeling free no matter what starting today.

So for everyone this week:

  • Assess if you need to renew your body love.
    • What do you think, say, and feel about your body RIGHT NOW? Is it kind? Is it supportive? Or do you repeat, "When I lose weight, I'll dress better?"
    • Here's a reminder that what you say to your body is what you say to yourself and affects your confidence to create success and happiness. (Yes, it’s proven by science.)

[And for my clients, if you've changed shape, do your “heads” exercise again if you need. Reduce your body geometry the way I taught you, and look again at how you can create balance with the line and shape of your garments - even in your swimsuits. You'll be back in that Hue and Style superpower confidence by tomorrow!]

Body love comes from body appreciation and a lot of geometry - not a number on the scale or a number on the tag. It's lines, shapes, and a little smoke and mirrors. Remember that. But choosing to put yourself first and love what you have is the first step in psychology to making changes that boost your long-term confidence for whatever journey you are looking to take next - wellness, career change, business boost or love of life!

And if it's really weight loss you're after, just know that more than a few of my clients lost significant weight after your work with me. (I think about Olivia in particular. You can meet her on my 'Client Wins' page.)

Acceptance comes from connection. Start with yourself and see the power you create in your life!


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  • And if you don't want to try to figure it all out on your own any longer,