One Way To Blast Self-Doubt

I did a little experiment over the weekend. I sat down and figured out my impact factor, my reach, since creating the online presence portion of Hue And Style in 2016.⁣

One hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) was my impact factor. That’s the reach - the people touched by my clients - the women who have come through my program. It’s the ripple effect of helping my clients reclaim their confidence to be visible and vocal that has extended out to touch at least 150,000 others with their magic. Mind blown. 🤯⁣

I calculated it based solely on the clients since creating my signature mentorship process in 2016, NOT including the 20+ years of clients I had before, nor any social media community video watchers, podcast listeners, off-line volunteer groups, book readers, keynote audiences, or heart-project causes where I’ve offered my insight or expertise. (If I think about adding those in, I literally can’t even image THAT number.) 🤯🤯⁣

Numbers are funny things. They can play positive or negative games with your mindset. For me, looking at this number as the lowest limit for the number of people I will NEVER meet but that will benefit from one of my clients’ boosted confidence to share their message, magic and greatness, puts me in awe.⁣

After I calculated the number, I stared at it coming to the realization that the work in the hearts and minds of my clients will cause this number to rise, day after day, year after year as they use what I’ve taught them to create their own impact factor on others. 🤯🤯🤯⁣

It can be very easy to get caught up in small things - to feel that you don’t make a difference or that your contribution is not important. I know.⁣

I want to remind you of the idea of this exercise that your contribution is important and more far-reaching.⁣

Have you thought about your own impact reach? Try calculating it. It’ll probably blow your mind too and set your heart on fire to waste no time becoming your best!


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