Why What You Wear Must Evolve With Your Confidence [PODCAST]

career change change+transition communication style fashion getupanddressed hue and style philosophy podcast style Jan 23, 2024

If it feels like there is too much "style advice" out there, you're right, and it will get you only serve you temporary results and more overwhelm instead of raising your ability to communicate the best of yourself after change if you don't incorporate three vital pieces of symbolism in your whatever you put on your body.
And hey, if you just want to "look cute," cover up how your body has changed, buy the latest trends "the gram" tells you, that's cool, but if you have a goal of reclaiming your confidence so you can stand up and out in new ways, capture new audiences or step into new leadership, let me share my 30-year expert image & confidence advice on the art, science and psychology to "dress in confidence" and what you need to do to get it right. For those who love personal growth and aligning everything in their life with authenticity, this one is for you!
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