Journey To Blossoming Confidence with Adria [PODCAST]

change+transition client interview confidence shift conversations joinme midlife selflove showupconfident Aug 29, 2023

There's never been a better time to replace the way you get dressed! Learn from this woman why!

Adria is an award-winning TV & film producer with a heart for leading the creation of change-making stories.

In this inspiring and genuine chat, Adria will share:

  • Her story of feeling paralyzed by career imposter syndrome despite having decades of excellence in the competitive Canadian film industry.

  • How she knew she needed to increase her self-trust so she could project more authority to land projects worth millions.

  • Why, as a creative project leader, she wanted to enhance the way she silently influenced others with her image.

  • How she now uses the silent psychology of her Hue and Style® personal style profile & color palette to enhance communication and strengthen connections with her industry collaborators - whether they realize it or not!

  • Why women need to cultivate the powerful connection of self-belief & self-presentation (not just fashion style) if they dream of finding long-term self-acceptance that leads to joy

This one is a heart-warming (maybe tear-jerking) chat about stepping into a new spotlight, showing up and making your mark. She will help you see what's possible for your next season of success!

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