[In-Joy Series] Your Body Is A Gift.

confidence injoyseries inspiration selflove Jul 31, 2019

 “My Jeans Don’t Fit!” There was a time this would have sent me into a body-hate tailspin after a vacation.

There was a time I would have let the number on the tag define how I loved or loathed my body.

There was a time I would have punished myself with joyless exercise and deprivation-style eating to “get back into” my jeans.

Those times no longer exist for me. Those times and the depression that followed are what led me to what I do for women.

No woman needs to go through life with that kind of short ups and low downs about her body. After I healed and learned to see and accept my body for every stage, age, ability and through any vacation or regular life, I developed the part of my Hue and Style® process that helps my clients start a new relationship with their body (in heart, mindset and practical body dressing knowledge deeper than simple “fruit shapes”) even before I teach them all about how to curate their authentic style and wardrobe.

Your body is a gift. Do you see it that way? Do you love it? Do you honor it? I want you to feel a freedom in a relationship with it and to sometimes to experience all the bread, cheese and macrons when you go on vacation; and then, to not judge your value when you get home and your jeans are a little tight. You lived. You in-JOY’d. And that is the life I wish for you... and you deserve, My Dear.

The In-Joy Series is a collection of posts about living in the moment, embracing life as a joyful experience and finding yourself at your most confidence through it all.