Meet Me In Locale YLL Magazine | Cover Story & Interview

aboutmichele entrepreneurship featured in lloydminster news+media professional image strategic image Apr 13, 2021
locale yll magazine cover with michele charles gustafson

When magazine creator and local Lloydminster champion, Kimberly Steier, asked me to be her cover story for the April Issue of Locale YLL Magazine, I was speechless.

She shared that she knew she had to meet me after hearing "my name in the streets" from my image-confidence clients & long-standing community networks. She shared that she was determined to me and boldly reached out.

(I love that kind of purposed-laced gumption.)

We had a long and easy conversation about what I do: helping people present their best to do their excellent work that helps others.  We dove into my background as a marketing consultant, customer service manager and trainer, image consultant, sales trainer, business coach, life coach and success mentor over the last 23+ years.

(Folks, we talked for 2 hours).

When I read the final story she'd written, I couldn't stop blushing. Sometimes when you're focused on creating, helping and giving to those you change, you forget to look back and see what's been created in your wake of purpose.  Kimberly helped me reminisce, take pride and lots in humility in all I've done, all I've changed and all that's to come.

(Thank you for that, Kim.)

Enjoy reading the article. I hope to spark a little something in you to find your next, newest and brightest confidence. That's always my aim.