I'm In A Magazine! | Porsche Drive Defines Her

as seen on featured in inspiration news+media Feb 02, 2024

🔥That time, I was in the Porsche Canada magazine. 

This issue arrived a few days ago, reminding me to remind you that you never know who is watching you do the thing that makes you excellent.

In my case, a call came in from the GM of Porsche Centre Saskatchewan one hot summer afternoon on which he asked if I would be their dealership’s #drivedefinesher featured Canadian woman entrepreneur. I was so honored, and now I am in print!

No one could have known that on my "dreams coming" board, I had a Porsche logo pinned on top of a  "Canadian magazine." Little did I know that this dream would come true so precisely - yet better than I imagined! WOW!

This is now a wonderful keepsake that was delivered to Porsche owners nationwide. Humbled again. Grateful always. 🙏🏾☺️